Go Carnivore! {i.e., Carnivore Diet!}

Go Carnivore! {i.e., Carnivore Diet!}

We publsihed a brief piece earlier this year regarding resolutions, and specifically weight goals and the subsequent rise in obesity everywhere we look. In that piece, we mentioned the Carnivore Diet in some shape or form.

While we referenced a stupid Reddit forum – it’s not all that dumb to check it out. At least as a starting point.

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Most diets are retarded – except the Carnivore Diet

Let me cut to the chase real quick. Following a primarily “meat only” way of life – will enable you to meet your goals effortlessly. In many more ways than one. The effects are profoundly amazing.

You pretty much can stop worrying about all other aspects of fitness or whatever – in order to cut your flab with no setbacks.

But let me elaborate a bit…

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Carnivore is the ultimate low-carb

We’ve been “low carb” for maybe eight or nine years. Or a better way of saying that is we’ve been expanding our knowledgebase over the course of that time.

With some minor bumps in the road… Learning. Un-learning. Correcting. Understanding. Experimenting. Feeling. Observing. A lot going on as you carefully explore your life options.

carnivore bacon

Low carb – or zero carb – on paper, is a sound thought process.

The premise is simple. Raising blood sugar levels is bad for your health in a thousand or more ways. Regardless of the source of food or beverage. Your body (for the most part) doesn’t care. If you get any sugar – in any form – into your body – it reacts negatively.

However, what took us way too long to realize and understand is that even many “low carb” food sources such as vegetables and fruits were also no good as well!

By carefully isolating how we eat (meat only – as well as eggs and dairy), we instantly were able to identify noticeable changes in how we felt when we ate, say, some relatively “harmless” foods (such as broccoli, or other greens).

Our body did not enjoy eating those things. It’s gotten to the point where almost anything not directly animal-related caused unpleasant feelings. That is your body telling you something.

Even peanuts we cannot eat anymore. They’re inflammatory. About the only thing outside of Carnivore-related stuff we can enjoy without trouble are a handful of blueberries once a week.

carnivore steak

Carnivore helped us reach the “next level”

If you’re into gamification – we undoubtedly “leveled up” once we went Carnivore.

The pounds melted off like never before – even on “low carb.” (We’re also talking about after you’ve reached that “plateau” where you needed just a little more to reach your goals.)

Body composition changed. Muscle mass increased – with no gym membership.

Skin quality improved beyond our already good skin. We look 20 years younger than we are. Amazing.

Any remaining joint pain has disappeared. Mental focus is drastically improved.

Hunger is even less of an issue than it was! Being low carb usually means long stretches between feeling hungry. Now being Carnivore – it’s insane! That “peckish” feeling of hunger is practically non-existent.

So what is the plan?

We’ll divulge more this year – but the plan is so simple, we hardly have much to say about it.

  • 1. My primary fuel source is ground beef. We like it because it’s easy, tasty, and affordable. Any ground beef will do – even cheap supermarket stuff. But our preferred meat (for taste) is from Pat LaFrieda. You can typically pick it up at ShopRite for about $5 – $6 per pound. We are finding that one pound of meat per day is our benchmark – but we’ve eaten more, and sometimes less. We listen to our gut – and there is never any “over-eating.” Never. And even if we do have a few extra bites – it never makes us feel bloated or full.

    (Note that steaks are great too – as well as bacon and pork. If we resort to chicken – it’s usually thighs with skin on.)

  • 2. We also enjoy eggs as well. Good organic eggs are hard to find (Pete & Gerry’s are good, as well as Vitality Farms). But eggs in general – are almost a perfect food. One hard-boiled egg in the morning will keep you going all day almost! And if you need more than that – always opt for yolks over whites (is that racist?) Yolks have more fat and less protein.
  • 3. Snacks are infrequent – but nice cheeses work for us. Jarslberg, mature cheddars, and the like. If you’re out and about – Starbucks has both Sous Vide egg bites, as well as decent mozzarella cheese sticks.
  • 4. Beverages are simple. Water. Brewed tea. Coffee with heavy cream. And for booze, red wine or tequila or vodka… just never beer or anything with “mixers” that contain sugar.

Other than that – there really is nothing else we need to concern ourselves with. Eating and food is not an issue. We eat so infrequently – that “mealtime” is unnecessary. Unfortunately for many – rituals in life play a role. Like family dinner time. Or “going out to eat.” Those things are also non-existent for us. We don’t need that ritual. Remember, food is fuel, and never needs to be “entertainment.” Ridiculous!

carnivore hamburger patties

This works so well for us (and many others) how come everyone hasn’t figured it out yet?

The power of media and collective knowledge is fascinating. The truth is out there, but so many people “believe” so many different things. Sort of like religious beliefs. How many “Gods” are there anyway? Over 100, right?

Same is true with lifestyle choices like a “diet plan.” Anyone that watches any mainstream media is obviously pummeled with so much psychological manipulation – they’re almost a lost cause. Even with proof – you have a tough chance at steering most people in the right direction. That makes big Pharma and the medical industry very happy.

Additionally – the robotic, almost “space age” foods that have become “standards” in our society is nuts. I walk around ShopRite – and see so much packaged food laced with processed ingredients (this includes most “organic” crap as well). I also watch what’s in people’s carts. Thick men and women lumbering around in their yoga pants or workout gear – with “healthy” things. Like “healthy” organic crackers. And “healthy” non-GMO bread or organic bananas and so on. You wonder what goes through their minds – and wish you had the time and energy to help everyone get on the right track.

These days – we run and buy our meat, eggs, cheese, and cream – and that’s that!

Intangibles with Carnivore

You can decipher for yourself that anyone (even us) touting something as a “cure-all” will have fringe outliers. Some folks are intolerant of this and that. Or dairy. Or are brainwashed vegans. The fact that we have to mention that no one piece of advice applies to all is annoying as fuck. Why can’t everyone just have a boilerplate understanding that most information typically works for around 80% of the population and leave it at that? Why do those special cases always cry? Fuck them.

Also notable – are people that are crazy beyond obese. They probably need a lot more help than just a simple diet change. So they say at least. I guess some folks are so fucked up they need a lot more time to find the road to recovery. But solving the sugar addiction is a start (Read Sugar Blues as your first step).

There is also quite a bit of debate about “nutrition” regarding meat vs. vegan. I’ve seen enough sickly looking vegans to safely say that carnivores are winning. Healthy glows. Energetic. Positive. Focused. I don’t need ANY (most likely manipulated) health “study” to confirm (or try and refute) what I see with my own two eyes. So take your stupid studies and literally eat them, please.

We could go on and on – but it’s nice enough to have reached this level. Like a fog has lifted. Permanently. Almost like we were given an extra eight hours every day. That’s what it feels like!

Have any questions? Or will you continue making the wrong decisions each and every day until you say “you were right!”

Footnote: Time, time, time (and patience)

One important aspect to note is time – or timing.

Most weight loss “programs” which are designed to rob you of money – and provide no long-term benefits – all share a similar marketing ploy. Psychological manipulation. They trigger your inadequacies – and promise you quick results (“20 pounds in 30 days!” or “Lose 4 inches in 14 days!”)

That never ever works. Not once.

A good plan is a long-term one that works permanently.

It also requires much more time than people are conditioned into believing via those empty promises.

After reviewing what we’ve learned, in conjunction with the various progress charts we have – I’d say it’s safe to suggest that TWO YEARS is a good baseline.

One year to drop 50-70% of your weight. The second for the next 10-20%.

Then the rest of your years you’ll ease into your permanent weight. Everyone’s results will vary – but that is a good estimate.

If we knew in 2011 what we know today… I can only imagine.

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