Tablets, Technology, and the Crapper

Tablets, Technology, and the Crapper

How many people use their “tablets” in the crapper? (that’s slang for bathroom, by the way).

We’ve long been advocates for minimizing technology usage – but for a good part of our lives – we never considered the bathroom reading material all that bad. What’re five minutes tapping a mindless game while taking care of business?

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Maximize time for better uses

We swore several years ago – that if anything was to be read in the can, that it should be books that improve our mental well-being. And we did that, actually. (There is a small library!)

However, what we didn’t do was eliminate (no pun intended) the technology overall. We tried re-locating the two iPads to other rooms, but they always found a way back into the potty.

So we finally got rid of them on eBay. Bye bye!

What is it like without your iPad tablet in the throne room?

At first it was weird. The “games” you might be playing do have some kind of effect on you. Call it familiar. Maybe more of a routine. Who knows. Definite psychological addiction at play.

But you feel something is missing from your day. That is not good. People have no reason to feel that way!

Took just a few days – but we managed to wipe that feeling out of our mind without regret.

Books are the way to go. Just picked up The Collected Letters of Alan Watts the other day. Those 500 pages will keep us busy for weeks. And mentally better as a result.

PS: Once accessories like these toilet-paper and tablet holders are common, it’s time to make some changes!

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