Please stop the mixed fonts for 2019!

Please stop the mixed fonts for 2019!

Here’s a public service announcement for all the graphic “designers” out there.

Your mixed font designs are exhausting!

They were cool for maybe about one month.

Why the trend has picked up so feverishly is nuts.

typography is art - Please stop the mixed fonts for 2019!

This says “Typography is art.” Looks more like vomit.

Maybe the memes are to blame?

Our culture is very much focused on social media. And two big players are Instagram and Pinterest. They’re very image-centric.

And it seems that folks get a kick out of “memes” that have some fruity saying – in all sorts of different font formats.

Usually involving simple fonts and wildly elaborate cursive fonts. Or typography as they call it these days.

They need to stop.

So many people do them now – that it’s worse than selfie pictures with robotic filters. Over-saturation is one way to put it. No longer original or interesting anymore is another way.

success is simple - Please stop the mixed fonts for 2019!

If you need to “study” any kind of simple verbiage – it defeats the purpose!

Words are for communicating, dummy!

This deserved mentioning long ago – but it’s gotten to the point where I don’t even bother reading them anymore.

I love you more than coffee - Please stop the mixed fonts for 2019!

The typical mixed font sign. Getting boring!

It hurts your eyes and strains your brain to read them. If you have to carefully study and figure out exactly how to read WORDS – then they have lost their meaning to me. The words have been corrupted by this so-called “art.” Either make artistic drawings – or easy to read letters. Mixing the two is pointless. Unless of course, the words are meaningless. Which they become after ruining them.

Note that some are okay – clean, easier to read, and just enough style to make them interesting. Most others? Garbage.

There has to be a better way to go about this.

Our prediction? Anyone who has a business printing or creating these signs will run into a difficult time very soon. The glory days are long over, despite the abundance of these meme-tastic works of “art.”

You’ll see. Everyone is all fascinated by them today. But it’s human nature to get sick of those things. The clear, easy-to-read signs will make a massive comeback. The same way people are beginning to kick social media to the curb.

Watch and see.

to the crazy ones - Please stop the mixed fonts for 2019!

This isn’t too bad – but it’s still too “busy!”

mixed font graphic design has to go in 2019 - Please stop the mixed fonts for 2019!

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