Realistic New Years Resolutions

Are there ever realistic New Years resolutions?

Each year we further witness the degradation of people in our society. And at the start of each new annual calendar, you hear quite a bit about how most strive for improvement. But what exactly? Are there any realistic New Years resolutions that ever come to fruition?

Case in point here specifically, is health and fitness.

One of the most well-known pledges each January is something along the lines of “get in shape” or “lose weight,” etcetera. But why are so many people rapidly expanding? Where is the disconnect exactly? We’ll do our best to straighten out the mess.

realistic new years resolution fat shaming - Realistic New Years Resolutions

Step one: It’s all your fault

We feel that personal delusion is an epidemic. Big time denial coast to coast. Before we get into details – it’s crucial to establish that pretty much everything that happens is your fault. Period. By clearly understanding that fact – you set the foundation for fixing things across the board, and beyond your body flab and girth. It all starts with you.

Step two: Snap Out of It! (And delete the apps!)

One of the main curses in modern society is technology and social media. Instead of people being realistic with one another (i.e., “How do I look today?” – “You’re fatter than ever!”), we have “positive echo chambers” that people gravitate towards (“I love your purse!”) You know, safe spaces, and groups where everyone is positive and fake, and no one tells the ugly truth to one another. At least not to their face. And those who do – often get “ganged up on” by the social mob with the majority.

We understand why – because people don’t like to “grin and bear it” when it comes to their own flaws. So they focus on the things that haven’t degraded yet. You know, I see a lot of tubbies out there who have so-called “pretty” faces, skin, and hair. For their selfies.

And they get tons of “likes” every day regarding how nice they look, and those dopamine hits keep them going. “Everything is okay!” in their world. But it’s not – they’re just kicking the “reality can” down the road.

The fact that most mainstream outlets embrace “beauty” in all shapes and sizes is part of the delusion problem. Anyone can have a nice personality, and be kind and sweet. But that doesn’t make them immune from becoming an unhealthy land monster that needs to make some serious life changes.

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Step three: Be honest with yourself

Relying on outside affirmation is no substitute for the truth. People can lie to you all day long – but that doesn’t change reality. It only masks it.

Ignoring the problems doesn’t make them disappear.

If you’ve woken up – you can then make your fake friends feel uncomfortable by asking them why they don’t shame you more often for being so unhealthy. “That was awkward” is what they typically secretly text to their nearby friends.

Step four: “Good for you” isn’t enough

I see a lot of delusional fatties consuming the trendy “good for you” type foods and liquids.

Organic bread and crackers. Soy milk, skim milk, and kombucha. Free range. Protein smoothies. Acai bowls. The list is endless.

I realized that most people who eat and drink these things that have been touted as “good for you” think that they’re some kind of magic potion or cure-all. That by eating and drinking this great “healthy” stuff – that it will totally transform them (regardless of what ELSE they eat when not snapping photos of their “feel good” food.) That is really what most people actually believe!

And as you can see – it absolutely does not. It just makes them feel emotionally content. The food “feels” cleaner to them, and that is good enough.

Proof positive that critical thinking stopped being taught in schools eons ago.

It takes perseverance to reach the finish line

Just because you ran one part of the “race” well, doesn’t mean you can sit on the sidelines.

See, it’s not that people are entirely wrong – it’s that they’re almost purposely kept uninformed in regards to the WHOLE picture of health. They’re even possibly confused and overwhelmed by the myriad of solutions out there. Almost all of them are flawed.

Most folks are too lazy to keep searching, or asking around to see what works and why. There are growing numbers of people successfully winning with stuff like The Carnivore Diet (and Paleo – even though that’s not sustainable long-term because of the complications). Why is it so hard to discover – and have faith in proven, easy-to-manage programs?

FIVE Really Good New Years Resolutions

Anyway – here are five somewhat-related resolutions that might be better for most people to focus on. Pick one or all of them. You’ll be better off come this time next year as a result…

  1. Avoid the medical offices at all costs. Barring a “life-threatening” injury, it really might help most people to not bother with going to the doctor. Including “annual checkups.” Those are just fear-inducing interviews because they claim to know more about your body than you do. And they use every remote “test” to spook you into popping pills. Which leads us to…
  2. Strive to never take (or get completely off) prescription medication. We don’t see any benefit with “drugs.” Almost all ailments can be managed naturally. And most can be entirely avoided via diet.
  3. Cut off all mainstream publications. All of them! It’s our belief that they’ve all been corrupted. Now while they have to pepper some “truths” in there to prevent losing all credibility – the information they propagate as a whole is toxic. This includes any and all entertainment “programming” via TV or streaming outlets. Their time is running out anyway, but better late than never.
  4. Get off your social media. All of it! People use the same old excuses that they “stay in touch.” Well, if you need to chat with people – stick to the telephone and email. Swiping through your timeline is a recipe for disaster – no matter how savvy you are at controlling the settings. They got you by the balls! Don’t be a willing participant in this perverted human experiment!
  5. Stop working out. This is for real. Stop all classes, gym memberships, or other fruity fitness regimens until you fix your diet. Reach your goal weight first – THEN “firm up” your body. Working out and dieting simultaneously makes it very difficult to pinpoint the cause of the progress you’re making. And that “tough workout” is too often an excuse people use to “indulge” in the bad food. A vicious cycle!

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How to crack the code?

Some habits, rituals, and beliefs are hard to crack. People are so conditioned into believing things – that even with indisputable proof – they will not change their mindset. It’s how humans are.

But in regards to health and body composition – a good place to start (beyond personally knowing someone who “did it” via diet alone) is that Reddit Forum we mentioned. We’re not fans of that site overall – but we scanned it and it contained some good information. Still too many people getting overzealous with their trendy workouts – but look beyond that for a decent launching point.

Another hurdle to overcome for many “Vegans” or otherwise emotionally suckered people is the stigma associated with the whole animal-based lifestyle.

For whatever reason – the proponents of the “sustainable, renewable, humane” movement are very hard to reach. The psychological trickery that has embedded itself is almost beyond repair. They’re almost a lost cause. Every now and then a devout former vegan comes out of the woodwork – after looking battered and ill – to finally embrace the carnivore lifestyle. The horror stories they tell. And the complete turnarounds they made!

I won’t argue – it’s not easy. But you cannot ever stop until you reach your goal.

A clean reset might also help. Just like rebooting a computer or phone often solves many problems – kicking the toxic aspects out of your life may help.

Start by de-cluttering your house. Then become like a hermit. No socializing, or keeping up with the Joneses. Be by yourself for the first few months of this year. It’s cold anyway – can’t hurt to do some soul-searching. See how you can live just fine without most of the garbage you occupied yourself with last year.

But in the end – “garbage in, garbage out” still rules. If you poison your mind and body with the wrong things – you get what you deserve.

Happy New Year again!

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