The news of the world – why does it continue?

This gets more insane as time goes on. Like why do people care what “AOC” is doing? Or what the latest retarded gender story that gets force-fed on you? Care about your family and forge ahead!

The news of the world – why does everyone focus on it?

We all want to be interested in something, right? Isn’t it strange that we have so many options to choose from, but the majority of the “advanced” population seems to gravitate towards (manufactured) news?

We don’t particularly care about what is happening (or what they say is happening) around the world. It’s obvious that good and bad things happen continuously. It just depends on how much you allow into your mindset.

For instance, each time our S.O. gets hung up on some tragic story – we remind them that there are likely millions of other tragedies you have no clue about.

Why do we focus on what is “served” to us?

Information outlets (blogs, social media, etc.) take the bait

We “scan” thousands of publications weekly. Mainly to get a “pulse” on what the world is “thinking.”

The reason we do this is mostly that it’s important to have an understanding of your environment. Call it 30,000-foot observations. Like a spotter in some kind of stupid war – who analyzes the opponent. You need to have a clue what is going on around you.

And not the trivial subject matter, which changes so rapidly – that it really doesn’t make a difference. Until it does.

Which is why it’s important to gather a ton of observational data until a hunch about an oncoming trend is clear.

Many of the (mostly worthwhile) publications we read normally have sensible rhetoric. But we’re seeing a disturbing trend. And that is that more and more of them are “taking the bait” from the mainstream media (MSM).

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It’s not the topics that matter – it’s the trends and overall mindset

Most of the blogs we read are just reacting to (likely fabricated) stories about the world. They use these topics as subject matter for their rants or raves.

Fewer and fewer sites are drilling down to the fundamentals of human nature.

In other words – what I’m saying is that it should be much less about the mundane details about a particular news story – but rather the trend and overall human being aspect BEHIND what is being reported.

  • Is it conditioning?
  • How does it affect society?
  • Who is challenging the “rule of law?”
  • Who is trying to re-write history?
  • And who is studying the various verbiage being used?

There is still hope

While many of the (once) worthwhile publications are “slipping,” that doesn’t mean all is lost.

There are still (thankfully) places one can go to get thoughtful and conscientious viewpoints about the massive world we live in.

And we cherish those that we find. And not just because they “align” with our beliefs. But because they offer truly objective glances at our world.

Humans are so programmable

My final point on this (and we’ve mentioned this in the past), is that we’re realizing that human beings are fascinating beyond belief.

Not only can we do incredible and wonderful things, solve problems, invent solutions, and much more. But we’re (collectively) also very “pliable” in terms of our behaviors.

From the fear-peddling that causes people to react in strange ways (environment, war, economy), to societal themes that can cause a drastic increase in mental instability (gender issues in particular).

I’d suspect that 99.99% of the population does not even take a minute to recognize the profound shifts in many aspects of our culture. Take the smartphone, for instance. Why aren’t more people taken aback by the number of their peers who don’t even look around anymore?

Or the people almost entirely covered in ink?
And what about the number of pre-pubescent children given hormone meds by their parents?
I could go on.

Common sense and logic

The reasons for this negative cultural shift are numerous – and hard to pinpoint exactly. There are many theories. But it’s clear that it’s not organic. What is happening to “us,” is not natural. It’s by design.

Why basic common sense and logic is being stripped from schools is tragic.

The hard part is finding out who the perpetrators are. We think it’s more than a few who wish our society to go downhill even further.

One great place to start is in the “school” system. We highly recommend reading up on the late John Taylor Gatto as a starting point.

Then follow the rabbit hole from there.

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