The Great Patreon Purge {control}

Below is a video from a popular YouTuber The Rageaholic. He’s no dummy – and you can pick up clues about his intelligence just based on a few minutes listening to his linguistics. The purge is the subject.

He talks about the “discourse” in this country. Specifically via technological platforms. As those seem to be the fastest way to gain a large, influential “following.” And any large “following” that goes against the current “hive mind” (or more progressive) thought patterns (or “popular opinion,”) is getting shut down in 2018 and beyond.

I liken these types of situations to sore loser kids. You know the ones, right? Like if they were losing a board game like Monopoly, they’d KICK THE BOARD OVER and ruin the game. Instead of handling things gracefully – the do the opposite because they’re incapable otherwise.

That is exactly what they’re doing by “de-platforming” people. They’re trying to ruin the game.

But this tactic only lasts so long. The playing field will change. When the purge is involved, it always eventually becomes unhinged in some fashion.

The Great Patreon Purge {control – it has to end!}

social media purge

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