Internet of Things (IoT) – What for?

Many of us are “sold” on the cool factor of IoT (Internet of Things) devices. And without any critical thinking.

While there is some novelty in how these devices might make things “easy” in some ways – do they really profoundly change anyone’s life? Or do they just make you lazy?

Ask anyone who relies heavily on GPS directions instead of studying maps and understanding cardinal direction, etc.

IoT for lazy people 720x405 - Internet of Things (IoT) - What for?

Short Video Demonstrates How Installing The Internet of Things (IoT) in Your Home Can Backfire Big Time

By B.N. Frank

Proponents of The Internet of Things (IoT) promise that installing it will make our lives easier by connecting multiple wireless devices together.  It’s not surprising that some people really like the idea of installing it in their homes and businesses because tech companies have spent who knows how much on slick marketing campaigns over the last few years.  Unfortunately, security experts everywhere have advised against installing IoT many times and in very colorful ways because of its almost 75% failure rate and high risk for cybersecurity issues.

Of course high failure rate and cybersecurity risk still doesn’t make it illegal for tech companies to continue trying to sell IoT to everybody under the sun.  In case you or someone you love is considering IoT for home use, this short video demonstrates why this may not be such a great idea after all.  If you’re pressed for time, skip to the 2-minute mark.

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