Do you really need it?

Do you really need it?

A little helpful PSA “public service announcement” for this Christmas shopping season. Simply ask yourself “do you really need it?”

The lure of getting a “bargain” is quite tempting. Even for those who are normally very careful with how they spend their money. It can get the best of us.

We’ve been tempted MANY times over the past couple weeks – with what appeared to us to be very, very good deals. Even on practical things (not gadgets or other superficial trinkets).

However, despite being coaxed – and even adding some items to our online shopping carts – we were able to click cancel before we wasted our money.

Why? Because we asked ourselves if we really, absolutely NEEDED the things we were buying. And after taking stock of what we already owned – decided that our lives would be just fine WITHOUT the things we almost bought.

And instead of saving 20%, 35%, 50%, or even 70% – we were able to save 100% by not buying.

do you really need it

Shopping is emotional

A lot of people (ourselves included) have been influenced by buying things. It makes some people feel better. Or fills a void.

Others think they’re “winning” because they scored a great deal. And many times what they bought remains completely unused in a closet somewhere.

The whole premise of accumulating “stuff” has long been known to be quite a sham – because most folks have been conditioned out of not appreciating what they have.

In fact, if you could get to the point where LESS is more in your life – you might be onto something quite profound!

Caveat – buying and flipping

I suppose there are times that buying something tremendously on sale might be worthy. That is if you can guarantee that you can “flip it” somewhere else, like eBay or other online sites.

It’s not particularly easy – and you might end up still losing money – but it’s something to consider.

Watch your wallets this Christmas!

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