Hoboken411 Week in Review – 12.2.2018

Hoboken411 Week in Review – December 2, 2018

Hoboken411 week in review december 2 2018 720x365 - Hoboken411 Week in Review - 12.2.2018

Below are some posts published on Hoboken411 the week ending Sunday, December 2, 2018.

Hoboken411 Posts:

  • No more clouds: Photo storage company Flickr will lose many customers. Perhaps by design.
  • Intolerance: Funny how people clamoring for tolerance are intolerant at the same time – including Trans-everything.
  • Lies: One mass fib-orgy. Will it really amount to blood? Or just more fear-mongering?
  • R.I.P.: We bid farewell to a loving pooch after almost a decade.
  • Rainbows: The subject of multiculturalism always front and center here in the USA. How come no one is talking about how other countries have strict immigration policies?
  • Thoughtful Gifts: Skip the superficiality – and give someone a nice Amish writing journal with wholesome sayings!

Wake-up quote of the Week:

We bother people with our problem whenever we tell them that we miss them mokokoma 720x441 - Hoboken411 Week in Review - 12.2.2018

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