Trans-everything — but this one thing!

A very interesting piece about the “trans-everything” permeating the world (at the moment). It’s a one-way street, with no turning back.

Unless the (remaining) sensible people do something about it.

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Trans-everything — but this one thing!

By Joseph Farah

Back in the crazy, wild and free ’60s (yes, I know I date myself, but I embrace reality – I am what I am), there was an adage: “You are what you eat.”

I never quite understood it as a kid. My favorite food at the time were “Hot Texas Wieners,” which were and remain, strangely, only found in in eateries in New Jersey. (Babe Ruth loved them, legend has it.)

I knew I was not a “Hot Texas Wiener,” so, therefore, I knew the you-are-what-you-eat saying was just that – a saying, not a truth. Maybe there was some deeper meaning behind it, but it was not literally true.

Half a century later, there’s a much more prevalent belief that we can be whatever we feel like being, whatever we identify with being and, more weirdly, that we actually are what we self-identify as.

In this fantasy world in which a growing minority live, that translates to mean, for instance, that though we may be biologically male, we are actually female. If that’s what we embrace, that’s what we are – and resistance is futile.

Lots of people are busy transforming themselves, we’re told, into something new.

Some are embracing transhumanism, in one form of another, through robotics, tattoo ink, surgery, you name it.

It can be dangerous to discourage this. In fact, it can be a “hate crime.” It can be very dangerous today for people who live in real-ville to point out to others that they are living in fantasy-land. Yet, it was once the reverse. It was harmful to people to live in a world of unreality.

But what’s even more dangerous is for entire societies to embrace this ethic that suggests we can be whatever we want to be, just by pretending.

Back in the 1980s, I wrote a couple pieces related to this trend.

I noticed there were more and more movies and TV shows centered around homosexual characters. All the characters were positive. It seemed like propaganda to me. It seemed like there was an obvious agenda behind it. I wondered out loud if it would be possible to develop a show or movie about someone who had lived in a homosexual lifestyle but rejected it, walked away from it, embraced a heterosexual and monogamous marriage relationship.

After three decades, the evidence is conclusive. It’s been 30 years, and while you can supposedly be anything you want to be, there is one thing you cannot be no matter how bad you want it. Just wanting it is considered immoral, shameful, capitulation to oppression – and even more amazing, living in unreality. That doesn’t mean, of course, that there are not ex-homosexuals living happy and fulfilling lives in wedded bliss with loving partners and children. It simply means it is politically correct not to recognize them – to deny their reality.

Amazing, isn’t it? You can be anything you want to be – except a repentant, obedient child of God.

So, in this politically correct but reality-challenged world in which we live, it is OK to be almost anything you want to be, to transform yourself into what the desires of your heart call you to, unless it is God calling your heart and mind to be obedient to Him.

Why is this world of transformation a one-road street?

Why doesn’t it permit transformation in two directions?

It seems this trans-everything trip is a trap.

God doesn’t imprison us like this. Only the world and God’s adversary, also known as “the prince of this world,” seduces us into decisions from which there is no going back. In fact, those are lies he’s telling us. The amazing thing about God is the way He always calls us back – like a prodigal son or daughter.

The world calls this trans-mania “freedom.” If that is true, why are those who pursue it held captive with no opportunity for turning back?

Think about that.

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