Nothing useful on Black Friday

Black Friday – (almost) nothing useful

What’s fascinating about Black Friday is, that almost nothing useful goes dramatically on sale, or attracts hordes of mindless zombies to crush each other.

Almost all the junk peddled during these Black Friday swarms will no longer be around in five years. People go nuts for technology, TV’s, and other “trendy” pop culture rubbish.

Sure, there are some tools and other DIY things that may be found, but the exception rather than the norm. (If we were forced at gunpoint to attend one retail store this year, it would be Home Depot.) There are some prudent shoppers who will hold out to buy some necessities during this time of year.

And of course, you’ll see the same old stories, as if they were just regurgitated from years past. Angry mobs. Social media photos. Fights. Stampedes. All pathetic examples of human behavior created by the elite.

black friday do not do it

The meaning of life for most people.

Things that will never have Black Friday Sales

You can get a clue of what’s going on by looking at what never gets “dramatically” reduced on Black Friday. Not saying there aren’t any promotions for some of these things, but no 50% off or anything close:

  • Real Estate
  • Electricity (and other utilities)
  • Cars
  • Gasoline (and other fuels)
  • Healthcare (and medicine)
  • Insurance
  • And many more…

So while people kill each other to buy superficial garbage (mostly on credit), it’s important to see what is happening here. Clueless lemmings following other clueless lemmings.

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