For Christ’s sake – assume everything is closed on Thanksgiving!

While Hoboken panics – We assume everything is closed on Thanksgiving!

My what time does. In looking back over the years – the almost obligatory “what’s open in Hoboken on Thanksgiving?” pieces you see this time of year makes you shake your head. We used to do it. Can’t tolerate them anymore.

As we’ve unplugged from the material and commercial world substantially (rarely eat out, prepare all food at home, etc.,) days like Thanksgiving are nothing. Well, not nothing in meaning, but the fact many places close early or are closed entirely doesn’t impact us at all. Like any other day of the week!

We’re always stocked at home for everything, and anything that we might possibly need (such as gas for our cars) is always available 365 days a year. Same with wine stores!

If folks are so bored and restless that they need somewhere to go so badly this ONE DAY a year – well, they have much bigger problems than finding a bar that’s open. Perhaps the same feeling as when cell service goes down? Does the lack of activity make some people feel lonely or isolated?

Happy Thanksgiving!

To us everything in hoboken is closed on thanksgiving

To us, everything in Hoboken is closed on Thanksgiving!

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