Hoboken is incompetent (with lame excuses)

Hoboken is incompetent (with lame excuses for snow response)

It’s painful to witness how utterly incompetent city governments can become when loaded with lazy, greedy, unqualified people. Hoboken is incompetent as a city and always has been. The snow we had last week was just the latest blatant example.

What is laughable, is the city’s response for the (perpetual) ineptitude. Making excuses is the first bullet-point on “mayor” Ravi “Pay to Play” Bhalla’s resume.

“The forecast called for 3 inches, but we got 5 inches – THE WEATHER FORECASTERS ARE TO BLAME!”

The two-inch difference between what was predicted and what fell should have no impact on the preparation level of the city. We might be able to understand if the forecast said “sunny and warm,” and a 30″ blizzard happened with no forewarning, but not a minor inaccuracy.

Plus, if the city had ANY competence at all – they would have known in advance (a week) that some computer models did, in fact, show a very significant storm potential.

And notice how they love to use lame words like “unprecedented” in their cowering excuse. The silver lining is – that when this happens again in some November in the future, that excuse has been taken off the table.

I sure hope no one fell for the pathetic finger-pointing, when it was (and always has been) clearly the lack of preparedness by the City of Hoboken.

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