Goodbye Flickr!

Goodbye Flickr!

It looks like Flickr is shooting themselves in the foot. They effectively changing their data plan from 1TB (1 Terabyte) of free hosting to just 1,000 images (probably an average of 5-10gb for most users – but only 1gb for us – just 0.1% of their allotment). That means they’re stripping 99.9% of their free services away. Translation: Goodbye Flickr!

They claim they’re still the cheapest and best photo hosting service out there. That may be true, perhaps. Their service is definitely well done and polished.

But forcing people like us who had only about 7,000 images hosted there for Hoboken411 (in several hundred photo galleries that (used) to be embedded on this site) – to PAY IN PERPETUITY for their services – is insane.

Part of us feels this was by design. TO DESTROY THEIR COMPANY.

goodbye flickr 720x391 - Goodbye Flickr!

There are not enough “avid photographers” out there to sustain this business model. I don’t care what you think. “YAHOO” has been digging their own grave for a long time. This is probably the final nail in the coffin. They’re going to go away very soon in our opinion. Why ruin a good thing?

Why we hate “CLOUD” computing

Cloud computing sounds good on the surface. Easy access, always there, and so on.

But you cannot anticipate the disruptive changes they (might) introduce in the future. Like massive price increases. Or in the case of another gallery service we used to use – COMPLETE CLOSURE (we lost 800+ galleries with SlideShow Pro, and never bothered to replace – not worth our time.)

Always host your own – even if the cost is slightly higher

The photo serving sites were beneficial for some period of time. They hosted bandwidth-hogging photos that took the burden of your web-hosting monthly bandwidth. A great way to balance how the traffic was served.

However, with today’s affordable CDN networks – those photo serving companies are sort of obsolete.

That is why they’re changing their business models. Last gasps I guess. Wishful thinking is our belief. We think Flickr will go to the internet graveyard soon enough. Maybe 3 years, maybe 5, maybe sooner. Who knows.

It was nice knowing you, Flicker. Too bad you got mixed up with the wrong group of people. You had a chance, but you BLEW IT!

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