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Amish Wisdom Journals – Good gift ideas

@FoxChapelPublishing (Fox Chapel Publishing) makes tons of writing journals for those who wish to engage in self-therapy via inscribing their thoughts and feelings on paper, the old fashioned way!

Amish Wisdom Journals Fox Chapel Publishing 411 720x402 - Amish Wisdom Journals from Fox Chapel Publishing

We recently received two with Amish themes. Amish Wisdom and Amish Wisdom from the Scriptures. They list for about $10 but can be had for under $8 online (see previous links).

The books are simple. Mostly blank pages, with various eye-pleasing designs. Every few pages are little aphorisms which may help with daily life, regardless if you follow the Amish way of living. (We do enjoy the Amish markets just an hour’s drive away!)

Such as “A word to the wise is unnecessary,” “An ounce of work is worth a ton of wishing,” and dozens of others

A person who gets all wrapped up in himself makes a mighty small package amish wisdom fox chapel publishing 720x135 - Amish Wisdom Journals from Fox Chapel Publishing

Why Fox Chapel Publishing Journals?

  • Every store sells journals. They’re a dime a dozen. But are they? The products from Fox Chapel Publishing are definitely worth pursuing. Especially since they’re an American company located in the northeast (East Petersburg, PA).
  • The thing that stands out regarding these journals is the superior paper quality. Beyond what you’ll find in an office supply or big box store.
  • Supporting a company that sells many other wholesome products feels good. Not shallow celebrity or consumerism, but stuff like crafts, cooking, woodworking, and gardening! We need to ensure companies like this are maintained as the rest of society circles the drain!

Check out the Fox Chapel Publishing website to learn more about this fantastic company.

Fox Chapel Publishing Amish Wisdom Journals Excellent Paper 411 720x421 - Amish Wisdom Journals from Fox Chapel Publishing

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