Will Savile Town come to America?

Will Savile Town come to America?

It’s important to keep an eye on what is happening around the world. And not via “corporate news” outlets.

You ought to see what independent channels are outputting.

That is where “truth” lies more often than not.

What is happening in Europe is saddening. Worse than losing a dog, quite frankly.

Because of the scale of it.

And by the way – we’re not against people living good, happy lives. Just respect the places you live.

This almost unstoppable phenomenon can be attributed to at least two things.

  1. The fact that most “western” countries are reproducing at barely 2 offspring per couple (compared to up to 8 with other cultures!)
  2. The human condition, sad as that sounds.

I just wonder what the world will look like when everyone alive today has been replaced.

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