Hoboken Sunrise Timelapse

Hoboken Sunrise Timelapse

We’re getting this Hoboken Sunrise Timelapse video off our todo list. Taken earlier this past summer uptown.

Technology dilutes everything

When timelapses and other effects were difficult to make – it was appealing to see them every now and then. Because they were rare and unique.

One of the first experiences we had was Phillip Glass’ Koyaanisqatsi. Along with a majestic soundtrack, of course.

Timelapses, as well as other photo-effects, remained somewhat rare up until the point of digital photography. But even with the digital era – it was still not too common, due to the costs and skills required.

But the “smart” phones changed everything. Now anyone (and everyone) can make a filtered photo, as well as an easy timelapse.

They’re no longer anything special. In fact, they’re pedestrian and getting boring.

Nowadays – in order to make something stand out – you once again need skills and an eye for framing and filmmaking.

About the only timelapse we watch now are from the guy that makes LittleBigWorld videos. Not just time-lapse, but also tilt-shift (which makes things look miniature) as well as full 4k and drone footage as well.

Here’s one of his latest videos. Amazing, eh? Not many people have the skills or the patience to put work like this in. Which is why we like finding the diamonds in the rough.

But once everyone can do that as well? Then time-lapses are officially over.

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