Music Spotlight – De Staat

Music Spotlight – De Staat

“Music” is a fascinating subject for sure. Each generation has their likes and dislikes. It seems everyone points their fingers at each other saying “their music sucks” in one form or another.

I really try to empathize with everyone on this subject. Do my best to give everything a shot. Often, I wonder how personal preference is established – as well as how intolerance happens when it comes to facets of life like this.

For instance – we almost cannot tolerate most “new” music coming out these days. I watch caucasian millennials in their Toyota Corollas blasting horrific hip-hop. At the same time, I recall myself doing the same when I was 22 years old. You can see the issue, right?

Why is the rap music I listened to back in the late 80’s or early 90’s any different?

Well – we can probably say that the music was – for lack of better words – was more “musical” than today’s entirely electronic static (via samples of other real music). And perhaps the lyrics were also a bit different. While hip-hoppers never forget to talk about bitches and ho’s – and everything in-between, something seems different. (Listen to A Tribe Called Quest for some clues).

Almost all new music we hear these days sounds almost identical. Like a pre-programmed frequency of some sort. Disturbing, in fact. See this Key & Peele video to kind of understand my perspective:

Generational Music is a true oddity

The phenomenon of “generational music” is beyond fascinating. My dad in no way could understand any of the music I’ve ever liked in my life. He never will (unless he really tried). And even if you put forth an honest effort – it’s not likely you’ll “get” whatever younger generation likes.

Which leads me to my point. I think this latest generation (the current one) is not doing well. And I’d have to point the finger at technology mostly. As well as “hive mind” mentality of the world we now live in.

The millennial generation is a truly lost cause. Not just in music – but practically everything else. Whoever tried to subvert society via that generation did a horrible job. For them as well as the rest of us.

Identity crises, musical garbage, and bad ideas do not make a memorable generation.

What is good music for us?

To quickly summarize what we listen to in 2018:

In the car – we cycle through the following Sirius channels – Classic Vinyl, Classic Rewind, then Deep Tracks. Our S.O. likes other modern garbage that females typically fawn over. Yuck.

As far as “new” music – I still love anything Radiohead and Beck. Great artists who continue making brilliant music in our current day.

New discovery: De Staat of Norway

It’s relatively unimportant how we “discovered” this band called De Staat out of the Netherlands.

They’re mainly known (as of the past few years) in America because of their video Witch Doctor which mimics or mocks some Islamic “dance.”

However, much of their music (and videos) are quite appealing to us.

Let’s take a look at some of their other songs and videos as well.

De Staat: Round

This is probably my favorite video and song by De Staat.

One, because it’s non-political. It’s basically about a “circular” relationship (or how most relationships are). But in this instance – it seemed to be more focused on a particular bad one.

However, we liked this in particular – because it had a very Richard Linklater vibe to it. Click here to see some production notes. The musical tone was also excellent, especially in the latter half. Visually appealing and easy to watch. Unique as well, despite the similarities to other producers and directors.

De Staat: Kitty Kitty

This video is excellent – although I think they’re a bit off with the message. The entire concept is based on political divide (hence the blue and red color references). While we do agree that there is a great culture war in politics right now (jobs vs. mobs) – it is not as simple as an orange man causing it. It’s something else and you just have to dig deeper.

Either way – the video and song are great.

De Staat: Input Source Select

Here’s a live performance they did for a radio station. Very “Beastie Boys” like.

De Staat: Get It Together

Lastly – just a fun song and video.

Unique music in a sea of blah

We’re glad we discovered De Staat by accident. A very unique sound and they don’t appear to be afraid to experiment. We wish them great success in the future. Hopefully they don’t get corrupted by the mainstream sound folks in this country blindly accept.

de staat - Music Spotlight - De Staat

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