Linux to the rescue!

Linux to the rescue! {save your old laptops!}

If you’re like us, you might have one or more “old” pieces of technology lying around. Like a laptop for instance.

We almost “dumped” a Lenovo laptop “touchpad” we had recently. It performed so poorly with the Windows 10 installation it had on it – it was essentially unusable.

Slow beyond belief. The mouse pointer didn’t work. Stuttered all day long like an epileptic on six shots of Starbucks Blonde Espresso. For $100 with only 4gb of RAM, what else could you expect?

Didn’t use it for long. Collected dust for almost a year.

Was ready to either donate, sell, or trash it for that reason. Why keep something that is unusable?

linux lite logo

Linux to the rescue

So – instead of trashing a relatively nice piece of equipment, we tried something different.

Install LINUX on the machine and see what happens.

Boy were we glad we did.

Linux did the trick!

After we installed one of (many) versions of linux – we chose Linux Lite OS – and we were back in the game.

Our useless laptop became “brand new” again.

Fast as hell, and the one “app” we wanted (a web browser) worked amazingly fast.

And don’t forget – most common functionality comes with the OS. You can view and edit Office files, watch movies, play games, or do whatever it is you do on your computer. With the exception of just a few higher-end programs – it covers the needs of most people.

How can I install Linux?

Most people who can follow instructions should be able to install the new Linux operating system.

However, you should be warned that some technical know-how is still required in most instances. Like altering the BIOS (basic input output system) of your computer to change boot sequence. Or running “command line” commands to install some software.

While the “OS” of Linux is very similar to those familiar with Windows – a lot of the technical stuff is a bit out of reach for most.

So either take your device to a local computer store – or enlist the help of a nerd friend. You’d be thrilled to have a new member of your digital team!

linux to the rescue

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