Like what you like

Like what you like (who cares about anyone else?)

So many folks want to do what is “trendy” or hot these days.

They want affirmation and acceptance from their peers.

While it’s natural to crave acceptance and a sense of belonging from others in life – at what expense does that come?

Would you sell yourself short and like something you (deep inside) don’t really like or connect with? Just so you can “belong” to something?

Sadly – I think many people do. And after a while, they indeed convince themselves that is what they really like. The desire for acceptance (being part of the hive) was worth more to them than what they really wanted deep inside.

This is partly why many people become unhinged and go nuts as well. They are not strong individuals. Easily manipulated by others. Bad parenting and poor life decisions along with the flaws of the human species.

like your own things - Like what you like

Liking your own thing (even if it’s not popular)

We recently mentioned a band called De Staat. They’re not popular in the United States. Most likely because they don’t sound like the garbage that is trending here. But also because of their gender, and so on. No purple hair or piercings or vapid tattoos.

Regardless – we like them. We don’t care what anyone else thinks about what we like.

A lot of YouTube producers (like GaryVee) have been recently promoting this mindset. And we’re happy they are.

Not “giving a f*ck” about what other people think is one of the most important things to attain in your life.

That mindset, however, is difficult to reach for most people. Because of the mind-numbing aspect of actually understanding it. The social media landscape is ruthless. There are kids out there that get vicious if they don’t achieve certain “like” levels. They feel worthless.

Why don’t they understand how superficial it all is? How come they can’t see the value in real things over fake things?

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