Why people become unhinged and go nuts

Why people become unhinged and go nuts

You ever wonder why people (society in general) become unhinged and go nuts? You ever think there’s a fairly simple explanation as to the reason(s)?

Without over-explaining our theories as to why this phenomenon is taking place – let’s list the Top 5 reasons why folks are going off the rails.

people go nuts - Why people become unhinged and go nuts

Top 5 reasons people are becoming unhinged and off the rails!

We’ve assembled a short list of reasons (based on our observations) as to exactly why people cannot keep it together anymore. They just “lose it.” It’s happening more frequently now that I can recall from personal experience as well as from what we’ve read from the carefully curated “history” books they allow us to read.

1. Human beings are flawed beyond belief.

“We,” (at least most of “us”) are fascinating as a species. Amazing in our capabilities, but also our weaknesses as well. The human mind is so complex – we still don’t know everything about it. Or maybe we do – but not everyone is privy. Who knows. But one thing is obvious – the human species is very easily manipulated into believing one thing or another. Especially the weaker ones. This is by far the most important reason people go nuts. Because they can be made to go nuts almost on demand. Or without careful monitoring – can become dangerous weapons of mass destruction. Which leads me to my next point…

2. Social media echo chambers.

Finding people with similar beliefs 50 years ago wasn’t easy. And even if you could assemble folks with similar ideas en masse – they weren’t hanging out 24/7 like some cult within a fenced-in property (although that did happen very sporadically). Other things and people were going on as well. People, in general, were more “well-rounded” when it came to their personalities and beliefs. They weren’t in “constant contact.”

Today? It doesn’t take long thanks to instant digital communications. People can instantly “fit in” wherever they’d like. And find “extremist” groups they can belong to. This includes left-wing nuts who want open borders, and everyone else. What took people decades or more to become highly polarized in their beliefs – now can happen within a calendar year, thanks to the (not so) “smart” phone. You’ve all seen photo collages of people who used to be “wholesome” who rapidly became “extreme” in whatever their stupid belief was. (We see this a lot with transgender and feminist crazies mostly).

[Note that the echo chamber effect equally applies to physical circles of friends. Where one opinion of something can dissolve a friendship on the spot.]

But that may have something to do with…

3. The “mainstream” message.

For those caught up in the brilliantly (psychologically) designed message parroted by the mainstream (AD NAUSEUM), are essentially victims. But they also have themselves to blame – for allowing the time to absorb such nonsense. They need more organic hobbies and purposeful activities. Ordering food via “app” instead of just experimenting with cooking is just one of the thousands of examples of how lazy and complacent people have become. Or “binge-watching” some (also) psychologically designed programming. Or getting hung up on sports. This all allows more time to have their putty-like brains to become molded. And it’s happening a lot faster now thanks to the interwebs of communications. And don’t get us started about how wretched “schools” have become. God awful. There is almost nowhere to hide – unless you unplug entirely.

[We can also put much of the blame on lazy parents who shouldn’t be allowed to bring children into this world. You ever see some of those stroller moms ignoring their kids at the corner bar while they take selfies while drinking wine at 2pm?]
4. Lack of critical thinking.

Gone are the days of people (like us) that question nearly everything. Including things that we (sort of) buy into. We still always ask who the beneficiaries are. “Cui Bono?” And it’s not just a knee-jerk type thought process either. It requires lots of connecting the dots. But no one has time, because they’re too busy struggling to “level up” on some stupid game or app. The critical thinking skills are no longer taught in schools either.

Understanding the “big picture” is a rare commodity these days.

5. The Hive Mind (and mob-mentality)

What “researchers” and other societal intellects refer to as the “hive mind” is very real in our society today (especially thanks to technology). It’s another one of the many both positive and negative aspects with our species. But this specific aspect is quite dangerous and ruthless at the same time. It goes along with “mob mentality” as well as the “fear of large crowds.” Part of the reason why that stupid and unrealistic “caravan” has been infecting the airwaves people allow into their brains. It’s all fake. Most of it at least. Until the “resistance” has had enough of the BS that has been eroding our society for the benefit of just a few. It’s bound to happen.

Bonus: Other reasons people can’t just keep it together anymore…

We’ll throw a few more into the mix to enrich your mind. Such as:

    • The destruction of the “family unit.” This is kind of a big deal. Families used to stick together. Today, kids go off in the world – often far away in search of riches, fame, or whatever. In the old days, multiple generations stuck together and built a “mini-legacy” in whatever nook and crannies they lived in. That is next to GONE today. At least in urban areas.


    • Gender confusion. We were out shopping at a “mall” last week. I saw a 13-year old (give or take a year), shopping in the girl’s section. This person was CLEARLY a boy. Buying girls clothes. Had a Justin Beiber haircut. Ho Lee Crap. Curses to the parents that allowed that to happen to their child.


    • Awful self-centered parenting. I look at the degeneracy of generations, and I wonder “who is to blame?” Part of it is the “programming” that is out there. But the BIGGEST part of it is the quality of parenting. Any mother or father that allows their kid to be indoctrinated they way they are these days should be reprimanded. It’s obvious to us, that any parent that just “allowed” their boy or girl becomes the complete opposite – is an UTTER FAILURE as a parent. Most likely self-absorbed in their own bullshit meaningless life.


    • Lack of resources. I’m sure there are some parents out there that see the writing on the wall – but have little power to change it. Their kids get “infected,” and despite their best efforts – cannot undo the powerful forces that have commandeered their children. Schools, peers, media, and more. The society had beaten the parents when it came to shaping their children. Ideally, you need to find a quality home-schooling type program, as well as like-minded other parents. It’s not easy today when the majority are oblivious. “It takes a village?” No thanks.


Additional Evidence: Other videos and editorials about society

“Welcome to Portland”

Explain how this douchebag became so off the rails? Who does this to other people? Can you now see clearly how people can become something like this?

Between Barbarians and Fanatics

A great editorial from the Zman:

For most of human existence, the great conflict was between ordered civilization and chaotic barbarism. The Bronze Age societies had to contend with barbarians from the north. The Greeks and Romans had to deal with various barbarian tribes to their north and east. Medieval Europe had to deal with the Viking raiders and the Mongol invaders from the east. Then there were the Muslim invasions from the South that threatened Christendom. The story of the West has been the story of fighting barbarians.

By the time the West reached the Enlightenment, barbarian invasion was a thing of the past. In fact, it was inconceivable. The Nordic people were just as settled as the rest of Europe. Their days of raiding and pillaging were over. The idea of Asian tribes crossing through Russian into Europe was equally ridiculous. Of course, the Muslims had been beaten back and were no longer a threat. In fact, it was the West that was now heading south into the Middle East and Africa. The barbarians were no longer an issue.

Instead of organizing to keep the barbarians from coming over the horizon, it was the West sailing over the horizon to conquer the barbarians. The thing is though, all those years of organizing to defend civilization from the barbarians, however one wants to define the terms, meant a degree of internal vigilance. There could be no tolerance of internal actors and actions that weakened the social and political structures. Civilization was a near run thing so anything that weakened the West internally could not be tolerated.

Click to finish reading 'Between Barbarians and Fanatics...'
The Catholic Church gets a bad rap for being intolerant of science during the Middle Ages, but that’s mostly left-wing nonsense. In an age when dissent could pull the support posts out from society, intolerance of troublemakers made a lot of sense. Of course, from the perspective of the secular rulers, a theological consistency, one that supported the order atop which they presided, was seen as essential. Anything that threatened the internal logic of the social order, even unintentionally, had to be treated very seriously.

That meant an extreme intolerance of religious fanatics. The post the other day about the Flagellants is a good example. The Church and secular rulers suppressed the movement because their fanaticism threatened order, by questioning the legitimacy of the Church. After all, if God was punishing people with the plague, that implied the Church was not on good terms with the Almighty. Throw in the fact the Flagellants were preaching about a coming age of bliss and it is easy to see why the Church suppressed them.

The point is, the West was good at policing the ranks for fanatics, because they had no choice. The very real threat from beyond the borders coupled with the fragility of the feudal order meant anyone coloring outside the lines was a mortal threat. As the alien threats receded, the need to impose a uniform intellectual order receded with it. While it resulted in a great intellectual flourishing in the West, it also let all the fanatics off their leash. The result is the West has been convulsed by fanaticism since the Enlightenment.

That’s how you have to look at radical ideologies like Marxism. These theories defy observable reality and imagine something that has never existed. There’s simply no way for a sober minded person to accept the idea of the worker’s paradise. Only a true believer is willing to commit their life to something that has never existed on earth. It is the same cognitive tool set that allows someone to think they can appeal directly to God or conjure miracles, simply because they believe. The fanatic is the fuel of radicalism.

In The Inequality of Man, the great natural scientist J. B. S. Haldane argued that fanaticism was a Judaic-Christian invention. That’s most certainly wrong, but he was not wrong to think it had been a feature of mankind for a long time. It is the fuel that drives a people to build a great culture. As we saw in the last century and now in our present age, it is also the fuel of great raging destruction. Other than allowing the rage of the fanatics to run its course, no one has yet to come up with a way to meet the challenge of the true believer.

That really is the challenge of this age. Lacking anything resembling a unified religion, our overabundance of fanatics are free to indulge in whatever is handy. One minute they are threatening order if gays are not allowed to marry. The next minute they are tearing down the borders, inviting in the barbarians our ancestors pushed over the horizon. It’s as if some strange mind virus is sweeping our societies, turning the afflicted into berserkers, beyond the reach of reason. As a result we edge closer and closer to collapse.

What’s happening in America, at least, is a replay of what happened in the Pennsylvania colony at the founding. The eastern part of the state was home to many fanatics, convinced they were part a project to immanentize the eschaton. To the west were the borderland people, living in the hills as pre-settled people. In between was where the civilized people lived, just looking to live peaceful, orderly lives. Eventually the middle aligned with the east to keep the hillbillies in the west from overrunning the middle.

To a great degree, this was true for the country as a whole. The emotional energy of the crazies, mostly located in the northeast, fueled the expansion across the continent. The Indians never stood a chance, not because of technology, but because the pale face was driven by a sense of destiny. It powered the northern conquest of the South and the expansion of America into a global power. It came with a price. Just as Pennsylvania is still dominated by Philadelphia, America remains captive to the Northern crazies.

That said, geography kept the crazies on their leash into the 20th century, with the exception of the Northern invasion of the South. As technology made it possible for the fanatics to extend their reach into every corner of the country, the threat of nuclear annihilation forced a degree of discipline on the elites. With that gone, the fanatics were free to run wild, pulling at every support beam and cable they can find. That’s where we find ourselves today. There are no barbarians at the walls, just our own fanatics.

If the West in general and American in particular, is going to survive this age, it will mean coming up with a way to control the fanatic. Perhaps it will mean finding a DNA test to look for the lunacy gene or simply change the culture to fear fanaticism. We were once willing to do what had to be done to ward off the barbarian. Maybe we learn how to cull our herd in order to remove the crazies, no matter how unpleasant. Civilization lies between the barbarian and the fanatic. Both must be tamed if we are to survive.

Society will reboot

In conclusion, we feel that whether we like it or not – society will “reboot” in one form or another. Some folks call them “Fourth Turnings,” but it may be a bit unlike previous societal changes.

Perhaps even multiple reboots across the globe.

Because of technology – this time it will certainly be different. For better or worse, is anyone’s guess.

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