Gotta Love Wind Energy! {Not really}

All this talk about wind energy – and the fanatics behind it can become quite annoying to hear about. Now, some scientific organizations are saying renewable energy (such as wind) is causing some of this stupid warming?

The weather has remained pretty much constant during our lifetime. With only minor (and short-lived) ups and downs. How people can get all worked up over manipulated data is fascinating. Who benefits?

wind energy - Gotta Love Wind Energy! {Not really}

Gotta Love Wind Energy! {Not really}

By Brent Smith

For decades we’ve been bombarded by leftist environmentalists and global warming alarmists that renewable energy is the only way to go – the only way to save our planet from burning up.

States like Hawaii and California have even enacted mandates which dictate, by a certain year, that all electricity in these states must be derived from clean, non-carbon emitting “renewable” sources like solar and wind.

So obsessed has the left become with evil carbon, which happens to be the essential building block of all life, that they are overlooking a myriad of problems with their renewable cure all – especially when it comes to wind power.

Adding to wind energy’s rash of problems is the latest study done by researchers at Harvard which shows that wind energy actually causes global warming. Yes, you read that right. Wind power causes global warming. Isn’t that rich.

Their study was published in the science journal “Joule.” It was received for review on “4 May 2018, Revised 16 August 2018, Accepted 13 September 2018, Available online 4 October 2018, Published: October 4, 2018.”

As these scientific studies can be cumbersome, the highlights pretty much tell us what we need to know:

  1. Wind power reduces emissions while causing climatic impacts such as warmer temperatures
  2. Warming effect strongest at night when temperatures increase with height
  3. Nighttime warming effect observed at 28 operational U.S. wind farms
  4. Wind’s warming can exceed avoided warming from reduced emissions for a century

A couple of things should jump out immediately. The fourth point is interesting in that it points out that the warming effect from wind energy actually exceeds its stated benefit of “avoiding” warming through reduced carbon emissions.

But the most striking point is the first, in which the researchers from the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and Harvard Kennedy School conclude that wind power causes warming, despite reducing carbon emissions.

Now correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this in direct contradiction to what the so-called climate experts have been preaching for decades?

Have we not been told, ad nauseum, of the “settled science” that increased carbon emissions are the sole cause of global warming?

Well how can this be?! If wind power reduces carbon emissions – and indeed it does – how could warming still take place? And as the researchers state, it doesn’t just take place, but the warming caused by these spinning, bird-killing death machines more than offsets any cooling benefit.

The researchers say that the warming comes from “the fact that the wind turbines churn the air, and ‘the exchange of heat, moisture, and momentum between the surface and the atmosphere’ cause temperatures to rise. … James Temple, writing in MIT Technology Review, said the study ‘raises serious questions about just how much the United States or other nations should look to wind power to clean up electricity systems.’”

Yet National Review reported that since 2000, $176 billion has been provided to wind energy crony corporatists, and most of the federal grants have been awarded since 2007. In other words, during Obama’s reign of climate hoax terror.

So wind farms waste massive amounts of land (roughly 100 times as much land as a modern nuclear power plant to produce the same amount of energy), kill an average of 328,000 birds every year (according to the Audubon Society), and can’t compete unless they are heavily subsidized by us, the taxpayer. They don’t produce anything unless the wind blows, which requires a reliable backup power system to remain on line in perpetuity, and now we discover that wind energy actually causes the very thing its meant to prevent – global warming.

I’m frankly not sure which is the greater hoax – man-caused global warming itself, or the so-called fix.

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