Hoboken Dog Parks {and risks}

Hoboken Dog Parks {Yes, there are risks!}

One Hoboken resident asked us to “expose” this dude who works for a dog-walking company in town.

“Another one of his dogs just bit another dog in the park. And he walks out! Why are there no do walker regulations?”

Hoboken Dog Parks have Risks

All Hoboken Dog Parks should be considered “at your own risk”

This is so common sense, it’s mind-boggling that people are asking for “regulations.” Screw that!

If YOU voluntarily take YOUR dog to a public park – with other dogs off-leash, then it ultimately is YOUR responsibility for YOUR dog’s well being.

We do this all the time. If we sense a new dog, or obviously UN-FRIENDLY dog approaching, we clip our dogs up and get out of there. That’s why you PAY ATTENTION instead of being heads-down on your phones. That is, if you’re a responsible dog owner and not some hard-core narcissist.

Dogs are dogs, and we don’t need to explain the whole Alpha thing and other territorial issues that may happen. It’s a relatively big risk each time you go – even if you “know” or are friendly with most of the dogs (and owners) you encounter.

This is just one of the many reasons we avoid the dog park these days. So many entitled people with no responsibility for their own decisions.

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