Hoboken 2008 Fall Arts & Music Festival

9/29/2008 Update:

Yesterday was the Hoboken Fall Arts & Music Festival. Shot some video, and here are some of my observations from the day:

  • The weather sucked in the beginning. Rain, muggy, gross. Conditions improved later.
  • Why is this called the “Hoboken Arts & Music Festival?” 80% or more of the vendors weren’t even from Hoboken.
  • Speaking of “Arts,” the city throws this “Arts Festival,” yet they want to destroy the Neumann Leathers building. Hypocrisy.
  • GREAT IDEA: Since there is so much FOOD at this festival, wouldn’t it be a great idea to create something like a “FOOD COURT?” It’s not easy to walk around Washington Street while eating a plate of Chicken Tikka Masala. Tables and chairs set up somewhere would be a big hit. Maybe every other block – make one side of the street a dining area. Also move the Uptown stage one block north if you have to make room. Anyone listening? Need my help?
  • Lastly, many of these so called “artists” and vendors were quite nasty and un-people friendly. From bitchy fudge-packers, to obnoxious artists who’s work was trash – please don’t come back to Hoboken.

Here’s another quick Hoboken411 video production:

Hoboken Fall Arts & Music Festival 2008 from Hoboken411 on Vimeo.

More after the jump…

9/25/2008 Update:

It looks right now that the drenching rains will end prior to the start of the Hoboken 2008 Fall Arts & Music Festival!

Notable appearances this year are: Mary Weiss of the Shangri-Las – and bonus for the kiddies: some characters from the Cirque de Solé Wintuk Production will be on hand to meet & greet everyone!


3 Stages of Live Music

Observer Hwy Stage (bet. Newark & Observer Hwy)

3rd Street Stage (Kid’s Zone next to Capital One)

Sixth Street Stage

Special features include:

  1. Fine artists are located between 2nd & 3rd St., so if you are an art collector, this is the place to be. Oil paintings, watercolors, acrylics, sculpture, mixed media, etc.
  2. Children’s area on 3rd street with rides, games, creative activities, ponies, petting zoo, magic show, face painting, clowns, balloons, live performances and much much more
  3. Crafters display / sell handmade: pottery, metalwork, wood items, furniture, blown & fused glass, quilts, household items made from recycled materials, cementware, batik clothing, hand painted furniture, candles, jewelry, dried florals, soaps & lotions and much more
  4. Food: Lots of great food throughout the fair. Hoboken restaurants will set up street cafes offering an eclectic variety of international foods such as: Thai, Indian, Greek, French, Mexican, Cajun and Italian


Here’s a placeholder for this years Fall Arts & Music Festival in Hoboken. Mark your calendars for Sunday, September 28th from 11am to 6pm.


As usual, there will be a couple hundred exhibitors selling their crafts, tchotchke’s, and lots of (mostly greasy) food.

Bands this year include Mere (who was recently featured on the 2008 Summer Olympics Soundtrack), Sexpod, Bill Owens Five and Centerfold (who will also be playing at the Hoboken Italian Festival next week.)

Will bump this entry as more specific details regarding the schedule become known.

Like I always say, there are two definitive ways to attend this festival:

  1. Go really early before the crowds arrive. Buy your stuff, grab your food, and scram!
  2. Go later if you like people-watching. A couple hours into the festival, Washington Street becomes a mob-scene of waddling patrons.

For more what the experience is like, see the Spring 2008 A&M Festival here (along with video recap).

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[quote comment=”108637″][quote comment=”108635″][quote comment=”108634″]FYI – sorry about the reference – wasn’t meant to be offensive – we were referring to the vendor that was selling fudge. Karen asked if they wanted to participate in our video and they snapped at her – very mean and nasty people. Evil, in fact.

With that being said, and it since it wasn’t referring to any kind of “alternative lifestyle” – do you think I should still edit my entry?[/quote]

No editing required. Only someone w/ the sensitivity of a 2 year old would get really offended by something that appears online. No one should be getting their panties in a bunch over anything that shows up here.[/quote]
Here here! 100% agreed :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:[/quote]

Well, I thought you meant people selling fudge (it is a festival mind you), but I’m not a particularly sensitive gay. Why edit it if it doesn’t need it?
But I do think Matt & KS are a little off the mark – what if someone called Matt a mother f*cker or KS a whorey c*nt? Betcha they wouldn’t be too keen on that. Or, maybe they hear it often and are used to it now? 😉


I got a chuckle when your spokescutie said the economy wasn’t doing that bad and all you can see is some homeless woman with her cat on a leash sprawled out on the bench behind her.


I told her I liked the colonel’s painting from KFC. She told me I could have it for $800. I’d rather use the 800 to get two months worth of food rather than the picture of something that will give me the munchies at night!


Hey, 411. Did you happen to catch the artist displaying the creepy Ronald McDonald and Wendy canvases? Those were awesome!