Music Spotlight: Beck – I’m So Free

Music Spotlight: Beck – I’m So Free

We’ve talked about Beck (the artist) in the past – and today’s diversion from the world is a particular song I’ve taken great liking to.

Beck – I’m So Free.

I cannot get enough of this song. Not just because we “like” it, but more about how it relates to the artist in particular.

Beck decided to create an album that was “pop” for whatever reason. I really don’t care. What I care about it is the methodology and musical worthiness of one of my favorite artists out there.

Even when producing a “pop” album, Beck excels in so many ways.

As I said, I’m not concerned with “why” Beck decided to make a record that is well outside his realm of creativity. It could be financial. Or maybe just “creative stagnation.” It doesn’t really matter, because Beck is Beck – and no matter the genre he chooses, it has “Beck” written all over it.

Beck is a musical genius

I’ve listened to Beck Colors 100 times already. I love it. I don’t enjoy every song, but like “we” used to do back in the 70’s – we still give each song a listen. Likely many more times than today’s hyper-sensitive music-listener might.

That is one thing (in our “old” age) that we’ve noticed about ourselves. We’re starting to listen to songs more in-depth. And not necessarily in-depth per se, but rather we’re not instantaneously turned off by almost any song anymore.

There are still a few that are worthy of the instant “skip,” but we’ve found it more chillaxing to just let stuff play uninterrupted. You never know what you might pick up after play 10, 20, or 100.

Why do you think Beck is a musical genius exactly?

I’ll tell you my personal reasons:

His chord progressions invoke head-bopping or a true understanding of tones.

The timing is always spot-on. The way Beck orchestrates songs is auditorily pleasing!

No matter the genre – he always constructs his songs well. Even though most of the “pop” songs he puts out don’t gain the “traction” that other more popular artists get, Beck’s still are (and will always be) musically superior.

Some “reviewers” (young ones with no real musical perspective) mocked this song, saying it sounded like Weezer from the 90’s. So what. Maybe it has some distorted guitar similarities, but that’s it.

Enjoy your music this weekend, and never forget the musical geniuses that exist.

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