Maxwell Place Construction Update

12/8/2009 Update:

Since we were on the topic of Maxwell Place earlier this morning (with the Toni & Guy update) – what else is coming up at the waterfront gem of Hoboken?


A self-sufficient city within a city?

Well, according to my sources – “much of the same” is coming to the $500 million dollar Toll Brothers project…

  1. The prime southeast corner location of 1125 Maxwell Lane is ideal for a nice restaurant – and they came close to signing up a tenant recently. But the deal fell through because the site is setup for an electric kitchen, and the cost (and headache) to convert to gas (which is any respectable chef’s preference) was prohibitive. Hence, this spot remains vacant for the time being.
  2. In spot number two, it seems as if a Yoga Studio has signed up. Yoga is very popular in Hoboken, and would likely do well.
  3. Finally in spot number three – you could have probably guessed: A dry cleaner. Next thing we need is a good bar, a giant 12-foot fence around the property – and you’d have no reason to leave, right?

What about the grassy side?

I was told that no retail is planned for the time being on the southern side of 1025 Maxwell Lane – “Only offices.” Seems odd to me, because the quiet grassy side of the property would make for some nicer outdoor seating for an Italian Restaurant during the warmer months. Then again, I doubt spilling red wine on your white dress after a Whiffle Ball goes off-course would make for a good date…


More to come soon!


1/12/2009 Update:


Rumor Mill: More parks at Maxwell Place?

You remember how “ground breaking” was supposed to begin in September of 2008 for the next phase of construction over at Maxwell Place?

Well, rumor on the street is – that Toll Brothers is suffering so bad – that they may convert the two spots destined to be more condos – into public park space. Grass, and even a dog run is what the murmur is…

The bad thing about it is that it may only be “temporary” (i.e., 3-5 years) and when the market picks back up again – may get “taken away” to pave way for the completion of the project.

I can imagine that being a bit of a quagmire for Toll – as if you get area residents comfortable with the new park – then take it away, could cause an outrage and fierce public resistance. If this rumor is indeed true like I think it is – it’s a can of worms waiting to explode!

10/9/2008 Update:

A Hoboken411 reader sent me an email saying Toll Brothers recently presented a new plan to the Planning Board for the southwest block at the corner of Hudson and Sinatra identified as 1000 Maxwell Place. Toll is now asking for 13 stories on this lot, with a stepdown to 7 stories on the southeast portion of the building.

Toll is trying to put a 13th story on the building within the northern waterfront PUD zoning designed to allow only 12 stories. They’ll do it by making the ceilings lower on each floor to keep the building height within the allowable zoning envelope. 1000 Maxwell renderings and map below:


Also, construction for the next phase hasn’t started yet – but they have begun pile driving the additional waterfront park/pier space.



Hoboken411 had a chance to speak with a construction worker at the Maxwell Place site yesterday.

Construction to begin in September

While 1125 Maxwell Place is nearing completion, (and four tenants finally moved in recently), get ready for more noise and construction action for the next phase. The western lot is being prepped for 1100 Maxwell Place. You know the sound of all-day pile driving? Residents Hudson Street should get their ear-plugs ready if they want to remain at home during the day.


1100 Maxwell Place has a slightly different format from 1125. Whereas 1125 has 12-story towers on both the north and south ends, 1100 will be six-story height, with the exception of the south tower, which will be 12 stories. Whoo hoo!

The construction worker said that 1125 was a year behind schedule, and many owners who bought for purpose of “flipping” their condos are suing (or will sue) the developer for false representation.

When asked about the size of the units at 1125, he said that it seemed as if Toll Brothers tried to cram as many as possible, and that the only units that had a respectable size were the corner units. “Some of the studio units I couldn’t believe were even apartments. Incredibly small,” he added. Also, while the floors are concrete, the interior walls between units are two pieces of sheet rock, and the hallways are three pieces (for fire safety compliance).

As far as that new street that opened recently? Well it may not be all that good for driving, since the western bound exit at 11th Street won’t open until the construction at 1100 is complete. Driving through now may be pointless, as you can only exit on Sinatra Drive, and have to make a right turn only. The path, however, is great for joggers and pedestrians.

That final phase of the waterfront park probably won’t be complete until at least summer 2009, possibly longer.




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Why expect that sound decisions are made for nice available spaces like these? Boring old offices are where it’s at!


We have seen the future! As per post 43, gentrification has artist spaces replaced with bullshlt artist spaces. Neck rag anyone? And they still won’t have any real rights.

In response to mooshu who said:
Why expect that sound decisions are made for nice available spaces like these? Boring old offices are where it’s at!


That’s a real shame that the southern side is going to be offices. It is the perfect idea for a nice outdoor cafe.


or a handbag shoppe? weve been eyeing it

In response to homeworld who said:
That’s a real shame that the southern side is going to be offices. It is the perfect idea for a nice outdoor cafe.


I think they should turn it into a leather factory and loft space for artists. When Toll needs it, the artists will be more than willing to leave, since they do not own the building and have no real rights to it.


Anyone have any idea why Maxwell Lane has been removed from google maps and google street view?

Did Toll Brothers have google remove this street from virtual existence? I know it used to be there because my car was parked in front of the building in street view.

Uptown Hobo
Uptown Hobo

Just curious…what is your source that Toll Brothers may turn 1000 & 1100 Maxwell Place into public space (parks)? Or please at least share how reliable your source is – I sure hope it’s true.