Open the Door {for angry women}

Man, this article about angry, entitled women is spot on – and can sum up a societal epidemic quite neatly.

As a hetero in a healthy relationship – the number of times we get stared down by a lonely, angry, feminist woman is astounding.

The stares are “quiet,” and not loud – but you can see the internal conflict for sure.

Envious, because that’s what internal biology is telling them – and confused because society expects (has programmed) them to be useful idiots for some socialist cause.

Their turmoil is both hilarious and sad at the same time. I wish I could help them. Perhaps if I open the door for them more often that is a start.

open the door for angry women - Open the Door {for angry women}

Open the Door {for angry women}

By Zman

On the way back from Europe, there was a woman on the plane, who embodied pretty much all that had gone wrong with women in the West. She was 30-ish and as we were boarding, she found that the overhead bins were full in the front. She had no place to put her three carry-on items. Of course, if she had been more punctual, this would not have been a problem, but there she was in the aisle, throwing a tantrum, demanding the cabin crew rush to her aid. She managed to hold up the boarding process for ten minutes.

I was struck by the sense of entitlement. It was not because she was a beautiful women who knew all men desire her either. She was quite plain. Further, the women who work for Wow airlines are stunningly gorgeous. More important, they like being women that are stunningly gorgeous. To be blunt about it, the contrast between the beautiful Icelandic women and this American feminist underscored the fact that feminism is about dining out on appetizer looks. It’s bland women demanding unearned attention from men.

angry feminist - Open the Door {for angry women}Watching this unfold in front of me, I started to think a big part of what makes American women so unpleasant now is that they are haunted by this reality. Not so much that they are average looking, but that they know the feminist lunacy in their heads is not true and that the old realities of sex roles are forever realities. If they were polite and decent, minding their own business as feminists, no one would pay any attention to them. The result would be a class of barren spinsters that live on the local university campus.

At least with nuns, they have their faith in God and whatever else happens in the nunnery, to give them purpose in their lives. There is an upfront acceptance of their separation from the normal life of mankind. The nun stops being a woman in the conventional sense, so she stops expecting to be treated as a woman. As a result, most nuns I have met are stern about their duties, but otherwise pleasant people. It is a role for them that has well defined rules that addresses the sexual, as well as the social dynamics of life.

Feminists are always in the center of a great mental conflict between what they wish were true about the world and the ongoing reality around them. The woman in the aisle, while surrounded by shield maidens of the first order, was a rage of internal conflict. Her eyes kept darting around the cabin, as she was clearly uncomfortable. The feminist sense of entitlement forced her to make demands on everyone, while her biological instinct was to look for a man to come her rescue. Instead, she was rescued by women from the past.

The irrationality of the feminist, the tantrum aspect to it, cannot be discussed in the mass media, but that is the weak point of it. Feminism is, in many ways, someone choosing to live in the backyard, rather than the house, because they are nursing a grudge against the person who made the house for them. Instead of being good at the thing they can be good at, like being a wife and mother, they choose to be terrible at something no one wants and no society has ever needed. Feminism is the wrath of the unloved and unwanted woman.

That really is the shame of it. I’ve trod this earth for a long time and I have yet to hear a man say, “The trouble is we have too many good women from which to choose.” No man thinks there is a glut of good mothers or women who make excellent wives. It is the complete opposite. Most men lament the dire shortage of women they would want to have as a wife or the mother of his children. This is something men of my generation have been discussing our entire adult lives. It’s why so many of us are unmarried or never married.

Men have adapted to this state of affairs, by developing a taste for Asian women. In my recent travels, I spotted probably a dozen American men with East Asian women. In baggage claim, the entitled feminist was standing across from such a couple. He was a millennial and his wife looked like the typical second generation East Asian female. Our feminist hero was glaring at them for the longest time. At the risk of being accused of sexual assault, I searched our feminist hero’s face, looking for the lights to come on.

All of this reminds me of something I’ve noticed when dealing with feminist women. The best thing is to dominate them. It is not only the best approach in the moment, but it opens a door for them to escape the torment of modernity. In the company of feminists, I often begin talking about repealing the 19th Amendment. I’m polite, but firm. The results are always positive. The reason is, modern women, like our feminist hero, are living lives of bitter isolation, an isolation from who they are as women. They are looking to escape it.

That’s why men should always open the door for women.

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