Beer and Bread equals Bloat!

Looks good but Beer and Bread equals bloat!

A couple weeks ago – was yet one of the hundreds of stupid contrived holidays. Or better termed, “marketing programs” entitled “National Cheeseburger Day.”

If any person literally went out for cheeseburgers BECAUSE it was “National Cheeseburger Day,” they’re pretty much suckers.

Here’s an animated GIF that (once upon a time in Hoboken) Tilted Kilt restaurant sent out for the promotion.

cheesburger gif - Beer and Bread equals Bloat!

$10 got you a cheeseburger, french fried potatoes, and a pint of piss water Bud Light.

I couldn’t get through that meal without almost throwing up.

The bread (enriched white flour – the worst kind) plus the dense potatoes (and probably sugary ketchup) most likely has at least 200 grams of carbs.

Add in the bubbly beer – and you’re one step closer to the diabetes clinic.

Your best bet is to just eat the meat alone. Skip the beer, order a red wine or tequila and seltzer.

You’ll be satiated 10x longer, and will sleep without the gas pressure created by that perfect storm of bad ingredients.

There will be a day when most people will have figured out how poisonous (literally) most of the “Standard American Diet” is (or was) to them.

Blech. So glad I’m no longer enticed by such images.

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