Lewd Acts – And?

Lewd Acts – and what is the big deal exactly?

What happened last week was such a non-issue as far as we were concerned – however, lots of people chimed in to say something against human behavior. Hilarious in fact!

So some raunchy acts took place at a Hoboken club downtown. By what appeared to be CONSENTING ADULTS. In fact – everyone seemed to be having a GRAND OLD TIME!

It got out on social media. And of course, politics being what it is – Hoboken “had” to do something about it. Ridiculous.

The club was shut down pending a hearing, and the incompetent double-dipping “mayor” Ravi “Pay to Play” Bhalla had to issue some boilerplate statement condoning the “lewd acts.”

I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if Bhalla himself also enjoys watching such acts. That’s the hypocrite he is!

lewd acts hoboken NJ club - Lewd Acts - And?

Lewd is everywhere – hard to avoid

For starters, open your quarterly property tax bill in Hoboken for something 100x as lewd as that “sexy time” in a nightclub.

Second – try some simple Google searches (with safe search off) and what do you get?

Such as Girl washing car and many other innocent searches – that will eventually show some “lewd” results.

With all the raunchy network TV, and movie violence, and other “inclusive” nonsense – all the talk about “tolerance,” why are people so INTOLERANT of people having fun? Who was harmed exactly? Please let me know when you figure out what was so bad in the grand scheme of things.

Reputation management for Hoboken

All these stupid “shocked reactions” to what probably happens all the time in Hoboken (thanks to the alcohol-centric nature of the city) are stupid.

Naturally these days – many people are essentially forced into having a position regarding incidents like these. Because if they do not – then people will take that the wrong way as well. “Ravi didn’t condone it – he must…” It’s irritating and time-wasting.

Again, that “fun” event seemed to take place among consenting adults – in a clearly adults-only venue. Now if that happened at a church, uh wait a minute, forget that. Umm, okay.

The bottom line is – that it didn’t affect really anyone, except those participating. So why not just ignore it? Why make a federal case out of it.

What I would have done if I was police chief or “mayor,” would have been to quietly talked to the owners of the club – and suggest to them that they shouldn’t do that going forward – rather than shutting them down and playing politics with it. There are many bigger problems than champagne in someone’s crotch.

Videos that “shocked” the city of Hoboken

If you feel like seeing these dumb videos yourself – here they are: (Click play at your own peril – not for minors).

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