Voluntary or Barbaric?

Do you ever shake your head in disbelief each time some SJW “cheers” something any gov’t entity does? Such as “keeping us safe” or other moronic “program” of some sort? The web is tightly spun, that is for sure.

voluntary or barbaric - Voluntary or Barbaric?

Voluntary or Barbaric?

By Kent McManigal

There are some terribly confused people out there. I’ve been hearing some ideas expressed lately that show just how bad this confusion is.

Here are some hints that could clear it up, if they’d listen:

  • If it’s voluntary, it’s not taxation. It’s giving.
  • If it’s voluntary, it’s not socialism. It’s sharing.
  • If it’s voluntary, it’s not political government (the State). It’s cooperation.

Taxation, socialism, and political government are not voluntary but are barbaric offenses against humanity. You can’t hide this truth by calling the coercive act by the voluntary act’s name.

Why does this seem so hard for government supremacists to understand?

Because understanding these simple truths doesn’t advance their agenda. It’s so much easier for them to have their way with you if you don’t understand, either. That allows them to pretend they have the high ground. It allows them to pretend to be the “adult” in the room, scolding you for being hysterical and unreasonable.

Yet, the reality is simply this: Being against the coerced version of something doesn’t mean you are against the superior voluntary version. And that’s the reality which will be ignored, minimized, and poo-poo’ed if you allow it. They’ll demand you allow it in the name of being reasonable and civil. How do you like that? Barbaric behavior as “reason” and “civility”. No thanks. I won’t cooperate with that nonsense.

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