Women, work, and tech – Not complicated

Women, work, and tech – What’s wrong with having skills?

The “gender war” happening across the spectrum today – is definitely ridiculous. For any critical thinker like us who asks “cui bono?” you’ll see it clearly.

Take a look at this video below for a small slice of what the problem may be.

Gravitate towards your skills – don’t be forced

I don’t think I need to re-tell the narrative that is out there – but I’ll sum it up. It boils down to “equality.”

We always thought that meant “equal opportunity,” which exists profoundly today.

But an opportunity to us used to mean the opportunity to prove your worth. To have the chance to show that you’re capable of a task. Not to just be given a job without proof! Or based on physical, geographical, or other attributes!

Don’t you see how extremely ridiculous that is?

Meeting quotas and satisfying cry-babies is no way to live life.

women in technology good for stock images I guess - Women, work, and tech - Not complicated

Women are good for stock photography (easy on the eyes) – but good technologists? Hmmmm.

Why women shouldn’t be forced into technology

We run websites and enjoy some technology products.

As a result, we sometimes have the need to speak to some version of “tech support.”

And I’m painfully sad to report that out of the last, say, 100 tech calls I’ve made in the past year or two – 80% or more of them have been with a girl (woman).

That is a problem for us.

Not because they’re “women,” but because the real-world QUALITY of my interactions were as bad as I’ve ever experienced.

Most often – my problem was NOT solved. These girls just didn’t grasp the concept the way most men I’ve spoken with in the past could. The core logic and mathematical skills needed to solve technical questions just flew over their heads. It was more emotional (and scripted thanks to their training) than anything else.

I griped to my S.O. about it (and she didn’t get it either).

But seemingly almost overnight – most of these “tech support” teams that various companies have – are literally OVER-RUN by women who cannot compete with me. And sadly, the younger men as well – are almost as bad these days. Critical and logical thinking, problem-solving attributes have all but vanished.

woman hard had and technology - Women, work, and tech - Not complicated

This hard hat sure is empowering, isn’t it? Go get ’em!

Not all women are bad with technology

I’m not saying every experience was poor. Just most of them. Like 95% of them. I had a handful of interactions where I was pleasantly surprised – but the overwhelming majority of them were not only useless but often even counter-productive.

I think it’s pathetic that any company would succumb to the social pressure of “equality” or whatever it may be labeled as, to install nearly completely incompetent workers on their team. It’s like the beginning of a slow business suicide to bring down your overall level of competence to meet some kind of social tick mark.

Not pragmatic or sensible whatsoever.

Mental skills over physical skills

Not going to drone on much longer – but what is interesting is that the more subtle (and easier) “jobs” like tech are under much more scrutiny than the real-world, PHYSICAL jobs like construction or other strenuous positions.

The video above mentioned that women are only in like 3-4% of construction jobs – but you don’t see the same backlash. Because girls simply don’t want to physically work hard like that.

The tech jobs are easier to infiltrate because all you do is sit in a fucking chair all day.

Hardcore, physically intensive jobs are glossed over, now isn’t that convenient?

Why isn’t there “affirmative action” to get more women into brick-laying, or roofing, or garbage collecting?

Many feminists will say “because they’re physically unable to lift bricks all day!”

But at the same time completely ignore the fact that maybe women are also MENTALLY UNABLE to handle technical tasks as well as men, either! It’s true!

Men are just better at mathematical and logical thinking than women. And women (in general) tend to have a more creative side. Not saying men can’t make quilts or a damn good quiche or broccoli rabe either. They typically do more functional things over dainty stuff.

Why the forcing of these issues anyway?

I’m all for focusing on your strengths. Do what you do best. Man, woman, or child. I’m also for a merit-based ideology as well. If you can prove your worth – and demonstrate skills – you should be awarded. No matter the gender. No one should get a job simply because they’re a woman, an ethnicity, or a color. So fucking stupid. Social conditioning.

Thank God I don’t have employees and need to be wary of who I hire or be “judged” by some asshole out there who don’t know me from Adam.

While I’m pissed off to no end when I encounter total INCOMPETENCE that is due to some bullshit company folding like a house of cards to the social justice warriors out there, I feel even worse because those companies are being bamboozled (by whom? society? fear? controllers?) that they have to COMPLY with some kind of social order. Why can’t companies just stick to their guns and ignore the noise-makers out there? I’m sure their customers might appreciate a solid employee base of competence, no? Does that even matter anymore?

Accepting incompetence seems normal these days

I’ll end with the fact that I think society has slowly devolved into actually being “okay” with sub-standard EVERYTHING.

It’s like people shrug off horrible service everywhere they go. How did gross incompetence EVER become acceptable? It’s NOT!

But today – it actually is acceptable. Because hardly anyone is complaining about anything!

(Don’t get me started about the utterly useless shit people complain about, like environmental stuff or gender stuff or equality or whatever).

Finding quality employees these days is akin to winning the lottery. I can tell when someone is a good employee of a company. Whether it’s a stupid retail store, online tech support, or an operator or customer support rep for a business – we know. And when you do find these diamonds in the rough – you cling on them like they’re the last person on Earth. I interview them, ask them about their lives, family, background, and shower them with praise.

And that happens about once or twice a fucking year. What a God Damn drag.

women and technical support - Women, work, and tech - Not complicated

Girls used to be hired as eye candy in the office.

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