Perpetual Hoboken Water Main Breaks

Perpetual Hoboken Water Main Breaks {cannot be fixed!}

I’ll say this right now – just like how Hoboken will always flood forever – the Hoboken Water Main Breaks will never stop.

No amount of political chatter or “outrage” from citizens who can’t handle any life disruptions will help.

hoboken water main breaks forever 2

Water main breaks will be here forever

There are several reasons why the problem will never be solved.

  • Scope. There are probably over 100 linear miles of major water mains in Hoboken. To entirely replace the whole system would be a logistical nightmare – and would need at least 20 years to complete.
  • Cost. Unless the city gets probably at least a billion dollars to overhaul the whole system, they’ll never have enough money to tackle such an endeavor. Maybe a 50-year plan at best.
  • Incompetence. Even if the whole system was replaced – you can bet shoddy workmanship and cheap materials would be involved, leading us back to the same problem again. Happens all the time.
  • Over-capacity. Self-explanatory.
  • Politics. This issue will be dragged on forever as a political football, along with “bare minimum” progress. It’s just another gear in the system to purposely muddy the waters out there.

hoboken water main breaks forever 1

You’d need a time machine to help the troublesome water main breaks

Frankly – it’s too late to solve this problem with expediency.

However, if you looked back before the development boom in Hoboken, some things could have been done differently.

Primarily – a requirement for all new “major” apartment building projects SHOULD have included paying for new water mains for the two square block radius surrounding those buildings. (Or in any other areas of the cities – if needed). You know what I’m saying? That probably would have eliminated 80% of the current aging water main issues in 2018.

But – that didn’t happen, and developers got off “easy.”

Can’t fix it now.

Enjoy the constant water main breaks – horrible road conditions – and god-awful water for the foreseeable future!

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