A Modestly Priced Weapon – Our Controlled Press

Anyone – I mean anyone with an open mind should watch this well-produced (yet with slightly bad audio qualities) video. Not to prove a point, but to either learn more – or to start a discussion about the so-called “mainstream” news. You might get some insight as to why the tide is turning- and may provide for some turbulent times going forward.

(FYI – let me know if this video is ever “taken down,” as we have a copy and will upload it to alternative sources.)

A Modestly Priced Weapon – Our Controlled Press

By Asha Lagos

“What if our news and entertainment media were actually a monolith, marching in lockstep to a tune called from on high… using big-data and artificial intelligence to create a profile on every man woman and child to learn how to most proficiently manipulate them? What if their goal were to drive us into soul-destroying consumerism while they strip away our foundations to assure we remain confused and docile?

Over time, I’ve come to believe in a purposeful meta-level mind control (one could call it ‘population guidance’) mechanism, being refined as technology improves and we become more transparent to those seeking our data. I believe this ‘programming’ is derailing us from living life as intended.. a healthier, happier, more fulfilling existence.

I believe there exist in this world men whose only pronounced skill-set is their ability to deceive and their lack of shame in doing so, that prize their own financial gain over the happiness and well-being of billions, and are willing to siphon their energies and crush their spirits.

The media has been masterfully weaponized to defend this cabal, but that weapon seems to be jamming, and times are changing.”

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