Think about it: “Drug Overdose”

Think about it: “Drug Overdose”

I wonder a lot about substance abuse. From all ends of the spectrum.

From simple readily available products like sugar and carbohydrates – to illicit street drugs like crack and cocaine.

And everything in-between. From “drugs” like marijuana (which is just a natural plant) to “vices” like alcohol (also for the most part “natural.”)

Of course, you have the pharmaceuticals – which still to this day – seem to get a massive “pass” from the mainstream media (MSM). Opioids being the trending drug.

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Drugs and substances are an escape – but to what extent?

It would be hypocritical to stand on a pedestal and say that “Opioid users are suckers” when we truly enjoy our red wine – as well as an occasional tobacco product.

Ideally – we’d all prefer to be “addicted” to healthy things (in moderation as well) instead of substances that alter our state of reality.

But what gets people to even enter the fray of dangerous substances like “crack” or even opioids?

There are a 1,000 theories out there for sure. But one that I heard from an acquaintance recently resonated a bit deeper. And it has a lot to do with the crooked medical industry too many people are idiotically reliant on.

For example: Someone “breaks a leg” for instance. The mainstream doctors are WAY TOO QUICK to offer the most potent pain-killer imagined. Usually an opioid-based pill.

A week or two later, the patient (who is in bliss), no longer has any pills. They inevitably go back to the doctor – and claim “I’m still in pain!! Help me!”

They get a refill. Maybe one, two, three, or four.

At some point (at the advice of his liability lawyer), the MD says “sorry, you can’t have any more of this super-highly-addictive drug I’ve given you. You’re on your own.”

What happens as a result – is the “patient” (who is now essentially addicted to this massively horrible drug), literally starts going out of their mind.

They’ll beg, lie, steal, and rob to get that fix again. They’ll steal pills from relatives who they know have similar conditions.

And eventually – that will run dry.

Then they begin to panic like madmen. And often times (especially in lower economic areas), will probably already know that lower versions of that substance (heroin, crack, cocaine) are the same net result for the most part.

Therein lies the almost always final destination. Doom.

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Peeling back the layers – Human Addiction

Drugs and substances are just one facet of a GLARING truth: That human beings are simply addicts to almost anything under the sun. I’ll point out a short list here – but you could go on for hours.

(Many of these addictions overlap, FYI)

1. Emotional addiction – Love, happiness, laughter (i.e, comedy, funny movies), dependency, controlling, needy, commanding, know-it-alls, busy-bodies, chatter-boxes, etc.
2. Physiological addiction – drugs, substances, food, heck even body appearance, and more.
3. Psychological addiction – Sex, chemicals, entertainment, and more.
4. Mental addiction – Ego, money, status, “keeping up with the Joneses,” etc.
5. Political addiction – Tribe mentality, polarizing viewpoints, lack of objectivity, etc.

We could probably get all obsessed and make an exhaustive list – but it would be a 10,000-word article that would lose focus.

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If we know the human being is susceptible – why is it permitted?

What gets me in the end – is that there are hundreds of ways human beings are susceptible to being manipulated, and eventually addicted to something.

And what that typically means is that SOMEONE ELSE BENEFITS from that “affliction.” Such as:

  • Drug companies benefit from their powerfully addictive drugs.
  • Media companies benefit from their psychologically manipulative programming – as well as “exclusivity” via limited platform (back in the day).
  • Same is true for any major entertainment venue (i.e., any sport) because they have become behemoths with decades of past history.
  • Politicians benefit because of the limited access ordinary people have to become quality lawmakers (i.e., lack of money and influence). “The system is rigged, it’s one big club, and you ain’t part of it.”

The status quo is firmly entrenched. But what are we doing about it?

And more importantly – if more “leaders” of this world knew how blatantly obvious it was the “we” as people are easily manipulated – then why make it okay? It’s a hard nut to crack because the “free market” is what our country was founded on.

But at the same time – it also presumed that almost 100% of our society (back in the day) was able to critically think, self-observe, and have a strong sense of self. To have the ability to identify what is happening and take appropriate measures.

The problem in 2018 is that practically no one possesses critical thinking skills anymore. They just effortlessly become marks for predatory individuals with better (usually psychopathic or sociopathic) skills.

And even if they do somehow demonstrate a little “knowledge” (typically because of a Google search), they ultimately fall within the hive mind in due time. Predictable like the first day of Autumn.

Should addictive activities have disclaimers?

I need to stay on this subject of “why is this permitted?” – as well as “hey, it’s a free market, you’re free to do whatever…”

There can be some interventions within this spiderweb of manipulation that might help some people.

I wouldn’t be opposed to disclaimers before any person engages in a potentially addictive endeavor. No matter what it is.

One example: Any TV show (“Warning – this show has been specially reviewed by a psychological team that ensured that our program will be a big hit for the mentally-enslaved population. It is recommended that you do not watch this unless you fully understand that you’re subconsciously going to want to watch this over and over – and become obsessed with the characters, the social media supplements, and much more. You’ll probably buy People Magazine to want to learn about their private lives and much more. You’ll even probably buy entire DVD sets or entire seasons on Netflix just to binge watch. Are you sure you want to continue?“)

But full disclosure would probably not be fun for most of the profiteers, right?

Gamification – We’ve talked about Gamification in the past – and the fact that game and application designers now OPENLY DISCUSS ways to addict their customers. They use creative words like “engagement” and “rewards” to not sound so evil. Please identify things in your life like this.

Sidenote: Many addictive things do have disclaimers, such as certain pills. But the warnings are often purposely written in a way that is both too lengthy and confusing with ultra-fine print. You ever try reading some of the contracts they force you to accept?

Getting to the bottom of addiction

It’s clear to me – that society, in general, has not fully embraced the pure fact that “we” are weak and manipulatable. I mean there are publications about it – but it has not been brought to the forefront for constant discussion. Typically, it’s reserved for the back-halls of academia or other fringe areas.

To me, it’s like a discussion that doesn’t want to happen. Because so many people would SUFFER if the whole world was “woke” (trending phrase FYI) if you know what I mean.

Plus, you cannot awaken most of us anyway. Too caught up in their current addictions to even have the ability to process what that means. And don’t get me started on how the so-called “educational system” hasn’t played a role in keeping people eternally “dumbed down” for the benefit of others.

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Drug overdose – is just one of the many ways we lose track of ourselves

All our articles are a stream of thought with no outline. This started as a piece about how pathetic it is that so many fall “victim” to what is essentially self-imposed drug addiction. Hence, all the drug overdose stories you read about. No one forced any of these sad people to eventually become statistics. However, someone did produce these dangerous “remedies,” no?

But when you think a bit deeper – the drug overdose epidemic is just one small part of a human flaw that is knowingly being propagated by the power-brokers of society. Hollywood. Media. Pharmaceuticals. Local, State and Federal Government all have their impact on what is holding humanity in general back – and they’re doing NOTHING about it.

Why? I don’t know. But I suspect that the true deep-thinkers of the past are turning in their graves as they see how our rapidly-expanding global population is headed for an epic disaster at some point in the future.

PS – Why do you think it is that some folks can stay strong and buck the system of widespread addiction? Why do you think that group of intelligent humans has dwindled in numbers over the past 50 years? What group do you belong to?

PPS – Do you know anyone who is flawless? Without weakness or susceptibility to at least one or two forms of addiction or obsession?

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