Your Mainstream Purge

Your Mainstream Purge

We think it would be highly beneficial for society as a whole – if everyone did a “mainstream purge.”

Perhaps not 100% of the things you’ve been conditioned to “enjoy” or “follow,” but perhaps upwards of at least 90% of it.

Let’s take a look at some prime examples for starters.

mainstream news is dead

Mainstream things everyone can get rid of today – and improve their lives!

► First and foremost is MSM news. Cut it off. Stop watching it on TV. Stop viewing it online. Delete all apps. Never visit via mobile. Get a flip phone. If you really want to get a “pulse” on what the MSM is talking about, simply go to Drudge Report (but just scan – and refuse to click links!) Or get the Drudgereport RSS feed here – Learn more about RSS readers here.

► Secondly, and probably a “tie” for the next item – is commercial entertainment. This includes all “free” network programming (no matter how “entertaining” it is to you), all cable/subscription programming (i.e., HBO, Showtime), as well as streaming (Netflix, Amazon). Nearly 100% of those programs have psychological hooks embedded within them. This is exactly how they’ve been able (until now) to coerce societal changes over the decades. If this makes you shake your head in disbelief – not sure I can help you today. If you really need to be entertained – you might be able to find some good creative people on YouTube, but be careful of the time suck.

► Additionally – I’d suggest that anyone who is a big “sports fanatic” immediately cut the cord. Divorce the sports vice. If you own jerseys or season tickets or fantasy league teams – you have to stop. My buddy Mokokoma in South Africa had a brilliant quote the other day. Think about it. “Sports benefit the spectators the least.” Think about that again. Is that true or false? Think about back in the day, Alex Rodriguez’s $25 Million dollars per year salary. Who did that benefit? I think removing your focus from the bread and circuses of the world and towards your OWN LIFE is a better life decision, no? Who cares if you used to like it. Wouldn’t you want to value and like something more important?

► On top of the previous three – I’d like to add on “full-length movies” of any kind. While there may be a “handful” of truly creative and non-influencing masterpieces in our available catalog of works for human beings – it is safe to say that 99% of all movies made in the past 40 or more years were more PROPAGANDA that anything else. Think about that for a moment. The movies garner your attention and emotion for often two hours or more. Movie fanatics are the worst people I know. They have been programmed beyond belief – and most often towards ideals, I would vomit on. Thankfully the movie industry is dying.

say no to mainstream hollywood movies

Other mainstream activities you can kick to the curb!

Megastores. With the exception of Home Depot and certain large supermarkets (such as ShopRite), I’d suggest that most people stop shopping at most megastores. Some that come to mind are: Kohl’s, any pharmacy (Rite Aid, CVS), Whole Foods (bad), any chain furniture store (Raymour & Flanigan, etc.), chain “marts” like 7-Eleven or WaWa, and many more.

I’m on the fence with Walmart – because they have such a massive inventory of things – that we often find actually good items there at significant savings (Coconut Oil and Avocado Oil we save a TON of cash on each year). So it’s hard to kick a business to the curb that saves us money. So pick your poisons carefully – and only buy the “good” things they happen to sell.

Almost anything “trending” (that everyone is doing) is a good sign to raise your eyebrows. A few things come to mind. Crossfit, or any “group” fitness class. Yes, including yoga. It’s crap. It’s a waste of time and money. Period, the end. Join Planet Fitness and get your shit together for $10 a month. You can do it.

ALL APPS. Seriously. Almost 100% of all apps have ways to USE YOU. I really don’t care if you can point one or two “apps” out to us. Remember this word: “SCALE.” That is the word most app or business owners love to use. Scale. They want to scale nationwide or globally as fast as possible (for riches exclusively). No one wants to be a local butcher who just makes $100k a year working day after day. Everyone wants to scale large. And that is a horrible way of living. While I see artisans on sites like Etsy just wanting to make things here and there – most folks have larger dreams – and that usually involves “scale,” and almost always removes the human aspect of it all.

say no to VR technology brainwashing

Pornography. One of the most easily manipulated human instincts is sex. Not going to go into details – but for anyone who spends ANY time looking at pornography should probably stop. It’s degrading our culture beyond belief. Human emotion and feelings are being stripped (no pun intended). Porn, in general, is bad for a society. There is plenty of history as to why this is introduced in order to weaken a country.

The benefits are profound – but people need to break the chains!

I only put forth a relatively short list. There are countless more.

keep calm and be anti mainstreamBut all you need to do is look around. Take a drive. See what you can find.

Spend some time at a shopping plaza or mall. Sit on a park bench alone and without your own technology.

What do you see?

This is an amazing time in our society – to be a witness to a radical cultural shift that is happening at a breakneck pace.

And very few people are taking much time to philosophize about it – or engage in conversation. How many are taking the time to self-reflect instead of comparing? It’s just not happening, and it is unprecedented.

And dangerous.

Most individuals do not care. They don’t give a crap about “who has their data.” Or who is monitoring their movement – and who benefits? They don’t care as long as they get what they believe they want.

That is VERY dangerous.

Disconnect today – and not only do yourself a favor – but do humanity a favor as well.

God Bless.

mainstream off air

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