The Befuddling Orwellian Slogan of “Hate Speech”

Do you know anyone who engages in the frequent virtue signaling behavior of bitching about anything related to “hate speech” by others?

Amazing how many have become victims of societal programming, and are far from being independent, capable, and functional human beings. Or unable to see the actual truth. The number of unsuspecting pawns for a progressive movement that they have no idea that they were conditioned into volunteering for – is astonishing.

Look at what happened historically to “useful idiots” for a forecast of what might happen when they’re no longer useful to the “cause.”

hate speech is for pussies - The Befuddling Orwellian Slogan of “Hate Speech”

The Befuddling Orwellian Slogan of “Hate Speech”

By Jakub B. Wiśniewski

The notion of so-called “hate speech” is totalitarian newspeak at its finest. Everyone has an inalienable right to hate whomever he pleases and be vocal about it. On the other hand, no one has a right to threaten others with physical aggression. However, it is perfectly possible to do the former without doing the latter – even extreme and extremely conspicuous emotional dislike does not logically imply issuing threats of aggression against the object of hatred. The Orwellian project at work here is to blur the crucial distinction between the two and to make the term “hate speech” sufficiently ambiguous to mean one or the other, depending on political expediency.

Thus, accusations of “hate speech” should be ignored by default, and punitive actions based on them should be condemned by default. This appears to me to be the best way to ridicule this term into oblivion, thereby neutralizing its obfuscatory and propagandistic influence. Otherwise we might find out that politically-mandated corporate censorship can do as well as old-fashioned political censorship, and that the more capacious the Orwellian bag of “hate speech” grows, the more brazenly arbitrary this new “soft” censorship will become.

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