Flooding is a laughing matter in Hoboken

Flooding is a laughing matter in Hoboken

Actually, rather than saying flooding is a laughing matter in Hoboken, you should probably say “the political babble about stopping flooding in Hoboken is a laughing matter!”

There is no stopping flooding in Hoboken, especially at high tide!

While all the politicians and other bozos talk about “rainwater storage” and other property taxpayer-funded bonuses to environmental companies who are probably in bed with most elected “officials,” they never provide basic math to show you how useless they are!

So let’s have at it.

Flooding Math in Hoboken – what you need to know

always flooding in Hoboken NJ - Flooding is a laughing matter in HobokenWe’ll start with some raw numbers here.

Earlier this month – Hoboken got flooded again. For argument’s sake – let’s say 3 inches of rain fell in one hour at high tide (a conservative estimate).

That is still 68 million gallons of standing water – not including runoff from the heights or other areas.

  1. ► Useless rainwater tanks are fail number one

    The city boasts their stupid tank in the southwest as holding 200,000 gallons of water. That is merely one third of one percent (0.3%) of the floodwater citywide.

    The city is also bragging about an upcoming 475,000-gallon tank on 7th Street – as well as a 2 million gallon tank in the northwest bringing the total rainwater storage capacity to 2.675 million gallons.

    Even at full capacity – those tanks would hold less than 4 percent (3.9%) of the total rainfall from a moderate 3-inch rain storm.

    That means 96% of the other water is still above street level and probably already in many basements. Statistically insignificant.

  2. ► Expensive pumps have no impact on actual flooding {fail #2}

    Sure – we’ll admit that the flooding pumps reduce the recovery time from the flooding. About the only benefit is that they enable the roads to reopen sooner – but do very little to prevent any real damage from the clear and present flooding.

    The two pumps combined remove approximately 6.8 million gallons of water PER HOUR. Or so they say.

    So while we had 68 million gallons of water rain down in Hoboken – it still takes 10 hours (or more) after the rain stops for those pumps to clear most of it away.

Could the money have been used for better things?

Now that you know that these expensive property-taxpayer-funded “projects” and political talking points do STATISTICALLY NOTHING to prevent DAMAGE from flooding, how does that make you feel?

Tens of millions of dollars could have been used for more measurable improvements in the city. Or heck, maybe even property-taxpayer rebates.

Not to mention that these city features also require ongoing maintenance and supervision – and will not last forever. They’ll need repair and or replacement eventually. All paid for with “other people’s money.”

Even with all those “implements,” the threat of real flood damage remains. They just get to make it another forgotten memory (and bad press) somewhat sooner. They must think that if the floodwater recedes it becomes “out of sight, out of mind?”

flooding forever in Hoboken NJ 720x336 - Flooding is a laughing matter in Hoboken

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