The Sunglasses Trend

Gotta love the sunglasses trend of the digital age

These days, you can pick from a crowd of who is addicted to selfies.

I see so many people (primarily younger women) who walk around like a living photograph of themselves.

The main signs are the mirrored sunglasses. And the perfect hair that they are CONSTANTLY twirling and flipping around. Puckered lips. The nonchalant careless expressions of indifference. The world is beneath them.

And usually, well-applied makeup that they learned how to use via YouTube makeup celebrities. (Not to mention the slathering of taint from tattoos.)

Fascinating to see how the narcissistic, digital era has created so many superficial individuals whose main goal in life is to “look good” and garner short-lived admiration via mindless “likes” in an artificial world.

Not only that – all these “sunglasses girls” pretty much all look IDENTICAL. Where is the individuality?

selfie girl sunglasses car

Social status on steroids

To be fair – most of us always wanted to “fit in” to some degree. Back in the 70’s, for instance, one received “Street Cred” when they possessed a white and black concert t-shirt from a well-known rock band (Kiss, Led Zeppelin, etc.)

However, the “network” you had was drastically smaller, and your message was a spoken story about your experience. Yeah, human contact in the physical sense.

Today – that same phenomenon is 1000x larger as well as 1000x less significant. Hundreds of “concert Tee” moments a week! And almost nothing memorable long term. Memories now require a silicon assistant which is always in hand.

What is the next phase after this deeply self-absorbed one we’re currently in?

tattoo sunglass girl

more phony posers with sunglasses

more selfie girl mirrored sunglasses posing puckered lips

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