Everyone is “influenced” to some degree – should you become un-influenced?

Pretty much every human being is influenced by their environment(s). From the family you were born and/or raised in. To the God-awful schools. To peers. And throughout your life by what you continue to consume and surround yourselves with.

But I’m sure most of your parents might have said at some point(s) in your life “that person is a bad influence” on you!

The same can be said for a good chunk of what is out there for consumption in 2018 and beyond.

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Un-influenced – explore the wonder of mental freedom

So many people today – I’d say the majority of folks under 70 years old – are almost entirely influenced by what they consume. Perhaps even controlled. But is it possible to be un-influenced by anything?

That is an interesting concept – and one that I believe has many different layers.

Social Media – The worst of the worst – especially as they think they are the gatekeepers of exactly what you should and shouldn’t see.

Mainstream Media – same as above. They all get the same talking points coast to coast.

Organic internet browsing (interest based) – this is your own personal curated list of what you want to read – un-influenced by algorithms. However, most people typically populate their reading time with things they were influenced into believing, etc. (we look at all sides as much as we can – to not only try to understand – but to get a good pulse of what is happening outside our world).

Peers – Most folks like to surround themselves with people with things in common, and this will play a role in perpetuating your beliefs. A small percentage enjoy a wide range of personalities – even those that could be considered challenging.

Radio / Podcasts – Most radio (even satellite) is the same as MSM. However, there is an increasingly larger number of podcasts which have a much wider scope.

Echo-chambers – It’s safe to say most people put themselves in louder and stronger echo-chambers over time. This plays a role in social topics that quickly blow up (race, gender, equality, etc.)

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Parting thoughts on how to become more un-influenced

– You can’t cut out influence entirely ever.

– You can diminish it greatly by disconnecting the “bad influences” your parents warned you about. Anything commercial or social media would be a great start!

– Choose your sources carefully – and always take a pulse of society. A wide variety of sources – even dissenting ones is important to make good decisions. Real world experience also vital. So is asking why and who benefits (cui bono?)

– Understand the game – and its effects on you! If you find yourself doing ANYTHING in excess, or “binging” on (media, food, entertainment, etcetera) that is a good place to start challenging yourself.

Disconnection/reconnection is important! Most people can’t be without their silicon slabs for a minute, let alone a day or longer. But you can learn quite a bit by disconnecting for a VERY LONG TIME (preferably years). Then when you reconnect – you’ll probably feel something isn’t right. That happened to us for TV, movies, news, and social media. Don’t want any part of it honestly.

– And the best way to improve whatever it is that has the potential to be a mindless influence – is to have a built-in self-checking system. Where you almost always question everything, even your own beliefs. Not in a time-consuming way – but check your own sources, see where the money goes, and to whose benefit. Watch trends, observe groups, new technologies, and what is popular at any given point in time.

Patience is also a key. Some folks make haphazard changes in their lives for whatever knee-jerk reason. Most often, the best changes are ones you understand slowly end execute solidly.

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