Say no to “hollywood”

Say no to “hollywood”

We used to publish weekly movie times along with some reviews and trailers of upcoming films. We chose to discontinue that feature. If you noticed towards the end of that decade-long run, about all we could muster up for 95% of the movies showing was the act of mocking the utter garbage that was delivered for public consumption. It became painful to see the mind-melding trailers and other superficial crap coming out of “hollywood.”

say no to hollywood 300x250 - Say no to "hollywood"“hollywood,” for the most part – was created to generate wealth for the few – as well as slowly indoctrinate or condition a body of people. I think the latter was proven as well.

To this day – when you talk to almost anyone about giving up their entertainments (bread and circus) – they look at you like you’re crazy. That’s how entrenched these addictive mechanisms are in our world. Sports, movies, games, etc. “They gotcha by the balls,” as one famous comedian once said.

And yes – I will admit that some “hollywood” productions even “entertained” us in the past. I don’t think anyone is immune to the spell they cast.

However, becoming aware of what is happening (remember the President in the original “24” series?), you realize that a group of people is signaling what is to come, but in a very subtle way that can only be clear after the fact. Remember Minority Report and the targeted eye-scanning advertisements?

Which is why you should use that information to ask “cui bono?” for whatever ideas or concepts they’re promoting TODAY. Ask why. What is the benefit 5, 10, or 20 years from now?

While I know for a fact that almost any “binge-watchable” series on TV, cable, Netflix, or Amazon could or would be “entertaining” to us – we have chosen to cut it off.

It’s amazing how much time the average American invests in personal entertainment versus how much time they invest in personal enrichment (skills, experience, etc.)

Something learned can be passed on to other generations. Your encyclopedic knowledge of Seinfeld or Office Space “quotes” cannot, no matter how entertaining they may be.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen how some miraculous things have happened as a result of whatever addictive thing (tv, computer games), such as “we met, fell in love, and got married!” But those are fringe, and really not very meaningful in the grand scheme of things.

hollywood sucks - Say no to "hollywood"

Remember and connect via real-life experiences

I envision a day in the future that may be like the days’ hundreds of years ago, but with just modern advancements.

Where people aren’t quoting movies or mimicking actors and actresses, or other “pop culture” references.

While I see the human bonding aspect of having similar things in common, that can be achieved equally if not more so without these influences.

Perhaps before modern entertainment, men bonded because they talked about the tools they crafted – or how they made them better. Same with the women, who perhaps bonded via cooking techniques or child-rearing skills.

It didn’t have to be “mindless entertainment” that bonded people. Practical, real-world applications have the same potential to bond people. But with increasingly beneficial results! A chat group about a tv-show doesn’t grow into bigger and better things. Ever.

The problem is that we’re in the day of endless entertainment outlets – that we as people are very much divided. We don’t have to do much to survive these days except earn a paycheck (or qualify for gubbmint handouts).

Not much effort or knowledge is needed. And what happens to those idle minds? They gravitate towards easy-to-digest mindless ways to use up their remaining time on Earth.

the power of silence - Say no to "hollywood"

Footnote: Silence

One last thing. I’ve noticed something that is lacking in what I see around me. The complete absence of an undistracted soul.

With the exception of some elders – most people cannot stand silence and peace. They even bring their electronic devices to bed with them. Always in hand or within close reach every waking hour of every single day.

Even driving – they check the phone, have something playing, often with buds pumping sounds into their ear canals. I think the majority of people have become unable to handle silence (auditory, visual, and mental) in just the past two decades.

And Yoga doesn’t count. It’s just another thing you were coerced into taking part of. Go sit on a park bench or blanket without a book, phone, magazine, or other annoying distraction. See if you can do it.

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