A non-digital social life

A non-digital social life

Today’s post is about what it means to have a truly non-digital social life. I should have put “life” in quotes like that, but I didn’t. Because a non-digital social life is actually a real social life!

And what I mean by non-digital, is that you engage in human being things. Verbal conversation. Eye contact. Physical space. Visual observations via your eyeballs and real 3D environments.

But having an actual non-digital experience (100%) is becoming rarer by the day. Why? Because everyone you encounter is less than a minute away from “checking” their digital slave-master!

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Human beings, human minds, memories, etc.

We personally thrive on human contact. Nothing better in this world than direct contact with another individual. It can never be replaced permanently.

They’re trying – but it will not work long-term.

While instant digital communication will certainly bring many, if not most people over to that side – I don’t think it’s possible to coerce the entire population to forfeit the beauty of “in person.”

What non-digital social life means to us

We’ve been quite good at staying away from the day-to-day minutia of social media. We use automated programs to post our articles. We don’t engage in the static that is happening on the myriad of social media platforms across the board.

For a good reason.

We’ve kept our physical social game up to par.

The number of in-person, physical relationships we have maintained – no matter how trivial – is profound compared to those who live their lives entirely in a digital realm.

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Aren’t you behind the times?

I get this a lot. That we’re not keeping up with the times – of how people exclusively interact digitally. That could even be true, in some extreme circumstances.

But keeping yourself grounded in this manner (i.e., physical interaction), is incredibly useful. Still to this day, in fact.

What if the tech subsystem goes down? Who will be able to speak and communicate effectively? Remember Hurricane Sandy? That was a LONG time ago – and even then, people were inept without a solid charge on their lame phones.

Imagine if Sandy happened this fall? Holy crap, you’d have a city full of useless Zombies!

A handful of friends is all you need

Back in the day before social media – you had, if you were lucky – maybe FIVE good friends. And sometimes along with that – some tertiary events (say, parties) that would unfold because of various other connections.

On average – most people have around 700 “friends” on the majority of social media platforms (Facebook comes to mind).

Often times, depending on the individual – they can have thousands of “followers” on other networks (Instagram in particular – another Facebook product). And even more so if they’re attractive or celebrity in any way.

But why are all these people following each other? What is the motivation? What is the end benefit?

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No benefit to staying in tune digitally

As much as the millions of (duped) people participating in this sick social arena think they’re benefiting, the sad truth is that they’re not.

They’re wasting their time, often feeling inadequate compared to the social “go-getters” who are doing an okay job at making their lives seem better than they really are.

Photo filters add a level of disbelief and awe to many photos – that were nowhere near what they really looked like.

In essence, the majority of the population (who uses social media) are in a non-stop competition to one-up everyone else. Soul-sucking.

And in the end – they’re usually more depressed, more lonely (ironic), and feel empty and cannot comprehend why. That is what happens when you sell your soul to the digital devil.

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