OMG – Wildfang – WTF?

OMG – WildFang – WTF?

No human being is capable of being “in tune” with all the happenings in the world at all times. We all have the same 24-hour slice of time each day. And of course, we’re all generally focused on what we’re interested in. But holy mother of God – what the heck is Wildfang exactly?

We stumbled on this “Feminist” website called recently.

For starters – here is one of their videos:

What is Wildfang (according to them)?

Since they couldn’t be bothered with ordinary HTML text – here is a “memeable” image they created – so that other loser-chicks can send out via loser-social-media.

manifest 20180706 1 - OMG - Wildfang - WTF?

Why is this Wildfang slash “turn women into men” movement happening?

I find this (and many other societal “trends”) fascinating. The fact that a so-called “mass” of people can all be manipulated into screwing themselves up is mind-blowing.

Here are just the four photos on the Wildfang homepage. Why such angry-looking women? Why do they look so cold and unemotional? What happened to happy gleeful ladies? These scrubs are not “ladies,” that is for shit sure.

angry girl 1 720x427 - OMG - Wildfang - WTF?

angry girl 2 720x427 - OMG - Wildfang - WTF?

angry girl 3 720x427 - OMG - Wildfang - WTF?

angry girls 4 720x427 - OMG - Wildfang - WTF?

They even have a banner that shows how “wild” they are (or are perceived to be). And of course – all millennial businesses need “giving back” in the biz model, or they don’t have a rat’s ass chance at surviving.

wild feminists 720x120 - OMG - Wildfang - WTF?

Why are women becoming men?

what is this - OMG - Wildfang - WTF?We’ve noticed this more than we’re happy with. Via whatever outside conditioning, many women (mostly younger), have seemingly (tried) to overtake the masculine aspect of real (biological) men. And it has worked (to a degree). You have skinny, pale, weak men walking around in (equally) skinny jeans, “intellectual” glasses, and perhaps a “tough guy” beard (which masks their frail nature), and maybe a tattoo or five.

When push comes to shove – it’s possible that a frail geek male could likely at least hold ground against a “tough” feminist cross-fitter. That’s biological nature. The strength of a male is profoundly larger than that of a female – regardless of their butch haircut and little guns or ripped abs they have. Men are stronger, and always will be. Well, that depends on how many generations these “SOY BOYS” continue dumbing-down their gene pool.

Thankfully – there are still bonafide women in this world

You know? There are still good parents left in our country. Just because Wildfang can exist, does not mean that is the norm. It just means that we have enough of a degenerative populous to keep these dreadful companies afloat.

On the flip-side, many families across this continent didn’t fall into this horrific trap and raised quality children who became sensible adults later on.

It’s such a shame that a “classy lady” is hard to find these days.

And not just “classy” from a superficial perspective – but from a fundamental one as well.

Lastly – a theory about “create and market to”

99% of the 18,000 posts written by Hoboken411 here were all “stream of thought.” No outline. Just free-writing. But this last segment of the Wildfang piece came to me afterward.

My theory is that, as markets become “saturated,” enterprising individuals (in collusion with those that “control” various influential markets like TV, Hollywood, MSM, and so on) say “let’s create a new group of people we can dominate!”

Think about that for a minute, and identify the various societal changes that have taken place.

This “feminist” movement of 2018 is not the same as the feminist movement of the 70’s. It’s brand new. In a different, more masculine way. Not just rights, but full body changes. Hair. Clothes. Muscle-mass. Did you see the “styles” they had on the Wildfang website or app? These women look like boys or men most of the time. What the F?

So my belief is that opportunists out there needed to “CREATE” a new customer that had little to no competition. You know, create a new market.

Hence, continuing my belief that the human species is so easily coerced and influenced, that the masterminds above can literally change a populous in less than a generation in order to develop a revenue stream for themselves.

Do you catch my drift? Or is this way too hard for you to grasp?

People plan for this many years in advance of their advent. Perhaps even decades these plans are put into action. Patience is a virtue they say, right?

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