Tracking in 2018

Tracking in 2018 {why do you still allow it?}

If you’ve only been paying attention to the world you live in for just a few minutes, you should know by now that once you’ve entered the technological arena of “smartphones” and social media networks – you have become a commodity.

Even if you never “opted in” to any kind of tracking, they know SO MUCH about you, your whereabouts, shopping preferences, your friends, family, and much more.

The most popular answer is “I have nothing to hide,” which is a total copout.

The fact that your “data” is worth a lot of money to others doesn’t seem to bother you. Especially since you’re not being compensated for being a lab rat who gets subconsciously manipulated into doing things, buying things, and much more (like even your perceived individual political opinions).

I’m quite surprised that the number of people who have said “no” is so few comparatively. Goes in line with the post we made last week regarding being hooked. It appears to be a powerful force that is stronger than the will and minds of most of the human populous.

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If you’re gonna do it – Blackberry all the way

I’ll say this again, there is really only one phone on the market that you can truly shut down the tracking. And those are Blackberry Android Phones.

They’re the only ones with hardware-based protection. From the root.

Because even if you don’t use social media – almost all other “apps” can track everything. Blackberries (and the associated DTEK software) give you the ability to SHUT IT DOWN.

Granted, certain helpful things like maps won’t follow you in real time, but that’s okay. The maps still work (if you still know how to read one manually?)

Anyway – one of these days the invasiveness of the “Internet of Things” (IoT) will eventually rear its ugly face in the wrong way – and enough people will opt out. They usually show their hands way too soon.

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