Hoboken Week in Review – 8/24/2008


Despite summer vacations and beautiful days, there’s still no shortage of comment action on Hoboken411!

From Obama still racking up points, the Daily 14th St. Dancer now a YouTube star, and the sad state of NJ taxes, what else made the Top 10 most discussed entries for the week ending Sunday August 24th, 2008?


Hottest topics of the week

  1. Obama in the lead
    (At least here on Hoboken411). A fancy fundraiser is held in Hoboken for the Dem candidate. Barack nowhere to be found.
  2. You work for the government
    At least that’s how you feel when you see how much of your money pays their salaries.
  3. Hoboken’s free talent show
    Pull a chair up to 14th Street to catch the non-stop showing of the Daily Dancer. Special cameo’s from the HPD.
  4. A Hamburger should be President of America!
    Five Guys Burgers and Fries is getting close to opening! Damn, they’re GOOD!
  5. Salt Water Baby
    An update on the Zany guy that wants to spend 1000 grueling days at sea.
  6. Biden is Obama’s Veep
    The speculation is over, and Obama picks a halfway decent running mate. What will happen in November?
  7. Gumpy Granny
    A Hoboken411 reader points out an obviously territorial senior and her seat at Panera Bread.
  8. Feelin’ Minnesota!
    The city shows no mercy, even to newbies in town. One brand-spanking resident gets hung out to dry.
  9. Neumann!
    The debate rages on about the Neumann Leathers building downtown. Eyesore or valuable community asset?
  10. Now boarding (somewhere else)
    The New York Waterway slip uptown will be a bit closer to the north pole starting tomorrow.


This week

Summer events continue in Hoboken (you can see them listed on the calender on the bottom of the left sidebar – Let me know if I’m missing any good ones!)

Such as:

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