More thoughts on Tattoos

More thoughts on Tattoos

We’ve opined on the prevalence of Tattoos in the past – especially how otherwise nice women pretty much pollute their (once) nice skin with all sorts of ink.

It’s just an interesting societal topic, as well as a case study in human behavior (and manipulability).

Tattoos used to be a telltale sign of degeneracy (maybe sans the military types).

And some would say that today, tattoos are simply a “sign of the times.”

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No longer countercultural and non-conformist

Also back in the day – the tattoo was a signal to anyone that refused to be part of the status quo – that they are NOT going to conform to decency and try to have a quality life!

Today, it’s commercialized, as well as part of the hive-mind and social media conditioning. Kind of a burn to get a tattoo to “make a statement,” and be drowned out in a sea of tattoos everyone else has. Comical, actually!

If you’re under 55 years old today with no tattoo – you’re definitely against the grain. Even more so if you’re under 35 years old. I would reckon that 95% of Millennials have at least one tattoo.

I can only wonder how the Boomlets will respond over the next few years.

Either way – it’s time to recognize the folks who had enough self-respect to not taint the beautiful skin that they were born with. Just remember to ask “Cui Bono?” from the incredible tattoo industry!

tattoo on girl 720x450 - More thoughts on Tattoos

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Thursday, July 26, 2018 9:26 pm

Tats don’t bother me because they’re not on me. And on a positive note, in my single days they served as a warning that a romantic prospect might, for example, have trouble contemplating life beyond the next five minutes.

I’m curious though. I’ve seen older people with “vintage” ink. The sharp lines and images are gone – replaced by something resembling smeared creamed spinach. The person in the photo above will look like a real carnival freak when she’s 45 – especially after mother nature starts playing mean tricks on her. Does she truly understand what she’s gotten herself into? I’m guessing no.

But if people want to get them, let them.

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