Buy reusable shopping bags OUT of state!

Buy your reusable shopping bags OUT OF STATE! (Not in NJ!)

If that stupid “NJ bag tax” goes through – it will be one of the most draconian and retarded things to happen in this state (adding to a very long list of already moronic events).

And it is even more retarded – that only a minority of critical-thinking people understand that this has NOTHING to do with the stupid environment – and EVERYTHING to do with taking more money from YOU.

I won’t get into the nitty-gritty of that. Those who understand do not need me to explain, and for the rest – it doesn’t matter if I do explain, you’ll reject my spot-on points regardless.

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Remember – they’re using words to deceive you

We read the bill. It’s a horrible lie. They’ve repeatedly hammered down the phrase “single-use bags.” Flat out lie. We said in a previous post about this dopey plastic ban proposal – that plastic bags from grocery stores are MULTIPLE-USE. Primarily as kitchen garbage bags. But for other uses as well (dog litter, dirty laundry, bringing lunch to work).

The fact that these blatantly obvious secondary uses have been essentially ignored, because “the environment” just shows how stupid everyone is.

However – it’s time to STARVE THE STATE OF NJ

I’ll admit – if this retarded draconian law goes into effect – we will not pay any fee. Fuck, we’ll use our own bags or whatever. I hate to admit it – but I do not enjoy being strong-armed to pay an extra fee for stuff like this.

However, if we do decide to buy “fancy” reusable bags – WE WILL NOT BUY THEM IN NEW JERSEY. I do not want to give the state the TAX BENEFIT of buying them here. NOR SHOULD YOU.

Find a place in a neighboring state if you travel there, or buy online from a non-Amazon source. There are plenty of places you can acquire your convoluted “reusable” grocery bags without giving New Jersey a fucking cent.

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  • Here you can get 50 reusable bags for just about $80 delivered. Sell 40 or so to friends for $3 each. Earn a $40 profit and get 10 free bags for yourself!
  • Or for a little extra – get 25 “thermal” bags (good for frozen products and raw meat) for about $3 a bag delivered. Sell 20 of these to your friends for $5 a pop and also score a $20 profit while getting five free bags for yourself!

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Alternative options to “reusable bags”

thank you bags - Buy reusable shopping bags OUT of state!Some other things you can do to buffer yourselves from this utter retardation of society:

  1. QUADRUPLE BAG EVERYTHING until this “ban” may go into effect. And only put a few things in each bag. This will enable you to “stockpile” a thousand or two “free” bags from places like ShopRite. They’ll never catch on. You can then bring six or seven bags in your pocket to “bag” yourself.
  2. You can also buy 1000 bags online for about $15 bucks. (1.5 cents is cheaper than 5 cents!)

Either way – you lose. They have changed you!

What I despise about this entire subject is, that no matter what you do – YOU LOSE. They have altered your life in one form or another.

  • If you just did your shopping as most people do – they have now found a way to skim more money from your pockets.
  • Or if you have decided to use reusable bags – they have changed your behavior. You’re now an eco-sensitive lemming just to avoid a stupid-ass tax.

Man – I’m not sure where this nonsense is heading. The ever-reaching tentacles of “governments” around the world are approaching their limits of tolerance. And the fact there are countless citizens out there that actually are in support of this is another problem entirely.

Human beings are flawed species beyond belief. When you realize that the 2,000 nuclear explosion tests have done more to this planet than 8,000,000 quadrillion plastic bags will ever do – you need to stop and ask why.

When military and other “official” vehicles have ZERO attempts at pollution control, while those same entities force standards on (once) good car companies – where are the pitchforks and torches?

We’ll see positive “change” in this country (and much of the developed world), when a significant number of people “wake up” and understand the nonsensical framework of bullshit “authority” figures around us. We can do JUST FINE without them. But most of you have been conditioned to need and want them. Because you’re all lazy, weak, and indoctrinated.

Good luck with that.

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