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Back in July, I posted a reader mail for “who has the best laundry delivery service?” Well, that got only a few comments and only one Hoboken place was recommended, Apple Cleaners.

However, I discovered a new laundry specialty service: Zippy Cleaners.

zippy cleaners now services hoboken - Zippy Cleaners - Laundry Delivery

Zippy Cleaners

Zippy Cleaners originally started in Jersey City, and now they’re branching out into Hoboken. Zippy offers standard wash & fold service, dry cleaning, bedding and more. You place your order online, schedule your pick-up and delivery and the rest is automatic. They even give you a couple sturdy laundry bags to start you out.

For wash & fold, they charge by the bag ($14.99) and each bag can hold up to about 18lbs. (effective cost $0.85 per lb.)

Delivery service usually takes 2-3 days, and I got mine back in two. I found that the drivers were very efficient and were sure to call you in advance to prepare you for both the pick up and delivery. The drivers I had were friendly, courteous and professional.

Since I had gone away the previous weekend, I didn’t have time to do my own. Plus, I had special requirements for certain bags (i.e., cold wash, etc. – since I’ve been eating too much pizza lately). You can call or email Zippy and they’ll make the appropriate notes to your account for future washes.

When I got the delivery back, I was pleasantly surprised. The clothes were nice and clean, had a fresh scent to them, and properly folded. Good job, Zippy!

zippy cleaners good job laundry hoboken - Zippy Cleaners - Laundry Delivery

Special Offer for Hoboken411 Readers

Afterward, I notified Zippy of the positive results, that I was responsible for Hoboken411 and was going to review them. To show their appreciation, they are offering a special deal for all the Hoboken411 readers (which is great considering the current economy):

Two free laundered shirts!
If you place an order with Zippy, just mention that you heard about them via Hoboken411 (in the comment section) and they’ll launder two shirts at no charge for all orders over $12.00. It can’t hurt to try them now, right?

Although I usually have time to do my own wash (and live on the same block as my favorite laundromat), I’ll certainly use Zippy again when I’m in a bind. Professional, quality service is well appreciated these days!

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Friday, April 17, 2009 7:20 pm

Zippy Cleaners is not currently in operation. I scheduled a pickup on their website and had it confirmed via e-mail. On the day the pickup was scheduled, I received another e-mail saying they had suspended their business but would be “back up in a zippy”. No word on when, no one answering their phone. Disappointing, as it seems nearly impossible to find a reliable wash and fold pickup/delivery service in this town.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008 8:41 am

I’m updating my original post. After I posted this my laundry was finally delivered and the owner of Zippy cleaners called me to apologize for the treatment I received.
I appreciated the call from him and I told him I’d give Zippy another try and I shall.
I’m going to call today.
Fingers crossed for better service this time around…

Monday, September 15, 2008 10:36 pm

Hey I love these guys,
A friend mentioned this posting on Hoboken411 and I tried them out. I could believe how fast they were both times, First order I gave them 3 bags of laundry and they came back in two days folded neatly. The second order last week was just a few shirts to clean, I figured I would take advantage of the offer. All my items were ready in 2 days and waiting for me at the front desk of my condo building. The items looked as good (if not better) than the local dry cleaners. I’m not too sure what happened with the other lady but I like them.

Saturday, September 6, 2008 10:33 am

I tried this service and I have to tell you I was very unhappy. I scheduled a pick up and the driver called to ask if they could pick it up the next day. No problem. I’ve heard nothing from them and I’ve left three messages with their service and two emails regarding the return of my laundry.
No one has bothered to contact me yet.
I’m starting to wonder if my laundry will be returned to me at all…

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