Hidden Grounds Coffee

Hidden Grounds Coffee – 700 Garden St., Hoboken, NJ

Joy. A new boutique coffee shop over at 700 Garden Street (former home to Giovanni Shoe Repair and some other dumpy mini-mart.) Hidden Grounds Coffee.

The good news is – that you have the opportunity to pay way too much for get coffee without supporting screwed up places like Starbucks or terrible garbage at Dunkin Donuts.

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Another “feel good” eatery

Hidden Grounds Coffee is expanding fast. Two locations in New Brunswick, one in Jersey City, and now this spot in Hoboken. All locations of a certain political and societal mindset, if you catch my drift.

The marketing for these new businesses are cookie-cutter, and essentially the same.

A feel-good product (i.e., organic, sustainable, eco-friendly). Lots of “memes” as well as tons of social media interaction. Add in some charity and more emotional catches – and you instantly have a user base who will buy just about anything if they can get props for sharing on their timeline.

Paying per cup of coffee, just like going to a bar, or eating out at a restaurant – is a quick and easy way to put a damper on how fast your savings grows. We just don’t do it anymore – because we’re unaffected by this phony feel-good superficiality. But it is a free-market, and there are fortunately plenty of people who will indeed fall for it. I tried to help!

Description: A feel-good coffee shop with dainty hand-drawn signs. So cute.
Address: 700 Garden St., Hoboken, NJ 07030
Online: http://www.hiddengroundscoffee.com/

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