Hoboken Italian Festival 2008


If you’re reading this now – you might want to head down to the waterfront to check out tonight’s firework display.

Here’s last years if you’re stuck at home.


Starts tonight!

Here’s some pre-festival photos (with commentary)


See the rest, plus last years video after the jump!



Or otherwise called the “Feast of Madonna Dei Martiri.”

With the unofficial end of summer coming soon, get your livers ready for a four-day gluttonous food, drink and entertainment extravaganza in Hoboken! That, and a perfectly frenetic time to break up with your summer squeeze!

Mark your calendars, because starting Thursday, September 4th, and running through Sunday, September 7th is the 82nd annual Hoboken Italian Festival, held in the area of Frank Sinatra Park (and the new WWII memorial. Yikes, what are we going to do now that beer garden space is gone?)

Heart-attack inducing cannoli’s, sausage & peppers, deep fried zeppole’s, booze, bands, eating contests and much much more than you can digest. To get the full nauseating effect, be sure to swing by a couple times, and drink on an empty stomach. Two things to definitely check out: The fireworks on Saturday, and return of “Krystal” on Sunday!

Here’s last years Feast of the Madonna Dei Martiri.




(2008 Hoboken Italian Festival, continued…)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Friday, September 5, 2008

  • 5:00-8:00 The Pythons
  • 8:30 pm – 9:30 pm The Motown Memories Revue – Nationally acclaimed 11-piece band doing music from the entire Motown catalogue
  • 10 pm – 11 pm The Motown Memories Revue

Saturday, September 6, 2008

  • 1:00 pm I Paesani – Italian Cultural Group
  • 2:30 pm Gino Di Napoli
  • 4:00 pm I Paesani
  • 6:00 pm Tre Bella
  • 7:30 pm Mirage
  • 8:30 pm Cannoli Eating Contest
  • 9:00 pm Fireworks
  • 9:30 pm Mirage

Sunday, September 7, 2008

  • 12:30-3:00 Dive, Reverse Order
  • 3:30-4:30 Krystal
  • 4:45 pm Grape Stomp Contest
  • 5:30 pm Tenor Michael Tota
  • 6:30 pm “The Bronx Wanderers”
    (The ultimate tribute to Dion, Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, Johnny Maestro, and The Brooklyn Bridge and more.
  • 8:00 pm “The Shirelles” (Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow, Soldier Boy, Dedicated To The One I Love) Rock N Roll Hall of Fame
  • 9:15 pm “The Bronx Wanderers”
  • 10:00 pm Grand Raffle Drawing

Hope you have a good time!

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[quote comment=”104881″]
they can’t move to the poor working neighborhoods of JC because nowadays they might get shot. unlike when my great grandfather settled there and you could leave the door unlocked, a different “demographic” has ruined things.[/quote]

Just say it, coward. For once in your life, let your honest opinion see the light of day.


Emarche, sounds like you might be originally from the Chatham or Madison area (as I am), have you tried Il Mondo Vecchio? Good food there as well.


[quote comment=”104823″]when i waltzed thru this 4 day “event” on the taxpayers waterfront i was struck that this looks like a bad version of the jersey shore boardwalks. like keansburg or long branch. the games, the raffles, the terrible food, the kiddie rides. why do you want that here? cannot get to keansburg or long branch? never been to Seaside? they suck. and what we had here sukked also. stands selling kitchen cabinets? why? you can get ALL the kinds of food they were selling at the stands in Hoboken all year round, at lower costs, and much better quality. perhaps at some time long long ago these street fairs allowed the truly poor working class to have a couple days of the jersy shore right here in Hoboken. but seriously people, the crap these gypsies were pushing was an insult to the people that live here today. this “festival” should move to the poor working neighborhoods of JC and get off the hoboken taxpayers’ waterfront and streets.[/quote]

they can’t move to the poor working neighborhoods of JC because nowadays they might get shot. unlike when my great grandfather settled there and you could leave the door unlocked, a different “demographic” has ruined things.


[quote comment=”104801″]MF, although I’d hate to denigrate this board into yet another 2-way bickerfest, I feel compelled to say that I disagree with your fundemental and frankly poorly expressed opinion that the Italian resturants of the suburbs “go without saying”, meaning they are of uniform high quality.

I named several “italian” food places which admittedly- with the possible exception of Augustino’s- are not “fine dining experiences”, but are places which in my opinion are worthwhile, and all within the borders of Hoboken. You give no specifics. Which Italian fine dining resturants in the “suburbs” are so good they “go without saying”? Please include the amount of michelin stars they’ve gotten.

Best, PP[/quote]

emarche kind of did that with her mentions in #46. il mundo vecchio in madison is also good (also a scalini endeavor). serena in long brach is their other offering if you are near the shore. also very good. porto leggero, though, is overpriced. it’s a great setting and good food at the price of what should be great food.


Thanks on both fronts!

Scalini Fedeli is fantastic – hopefully that carries over. At the very least, it’s a new place to try.