Beware of the Organic Food Industry

Below is a fascinating and easy to listen to interview done by our favorite Illustrated Philosophy creator on YouTube – Matthew Drake. He’s been brave enough to follow his true feelings instead of caving-in to popular demand. He’s against the grain – and will benefit greatly when the tide turns.

The video might make some snowflakes uncomfortable. You know – just because the word “Organic” is on a package or label – it might not be true. That would make some 22-year-olds “literally” be unable to handle life much longer. That is the drama that comes with societal indoctrination (and excess media, computing, and other mind-numbing influences.) But I digress…

Beware of the Organic Food Industry

The KEY phrase from this entire presentation is – NEVER trust ANY raw produce from ANY supermarket. (Counterpoint – there are quality supermarkets in the NYC tri-state area that DO understand that their customers are not retards. Just don’t buy “organic” at idiot-centers like Walmart or Target, and you should be okay within a 30-mile radius of New York…)

But, your should always buy food from the actual farmer you can look in the eye directly.

Not some “summertime help” either. They’re usually lazy-ass boneheads.

You should also try to witness personally their farming practices. Otherwise – you’re being sold a bag of lies and pesticides.

organic food watch out 720x375 - Beware of the Organic Food Industry

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